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What more could you want?

As they might say… a cold day of fishing is better than a hot day of work. 

picture of man on right sitting on a small chiar holding a fishing pole in front of water at top of picture. To his left, on the ground, is a long cloth case for his fishing pole, a tackle box, an insulated chrome coffee pot, a white china teapot, a small gree tea cup, and a 2 by two inch in diameter  foot long tobacco pipe and next to that is a pair of pliers

If you look closely at the picture you will see this man has come to the lake where I walk completely prepared for a comfortable afternoon of “wetting a line”.  He has all the essentials: 

A carrying case for his rod and reel

A tackle box

An insulated pot full of hot water

A small white teapot with two small green teacups (you never know when a friend will stop by)

A tobacco pipe (the two foot long multicolored wooden tube)…a pair of pliers for pulling the hook out of a fish's mouth, a warm jacket and a comfortable chair.  Life is good.



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