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All about the red

Walking at the park yesterday I stumbled across this illustration of the “photo-op function” of Christmas decorations.  I really like how the color “red” is the theme…  The day was overcast and gloomy and somehow this scene brightened my day. Note the photographer is taking a picture on her smartphone while a camera sits on the checkered cloth b y the subject.

picture of girl sitting down next to a very small Christmas tree with four small wrapped presents and a slr camera sitting on a red checkered cloth. A girl is squatting in the foreground taking a  picture of the girl who is reading a book held in her left hand. Her right hand is brushing back her hair behind her right ear.

Hidden Santa's…

One Santa repelling… one Santa parachuting…one Santa drumming… 

Many red Santa hats, costumes haning at a store.
Picture of small toy Santa repelling down light switch chain and to the right of that another toy Santa beneath a parachute


Small toy Santa playing a drum set




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