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More secret lives of side streets…

Now that the weather has cooled down, I am venturing out to explore my neighborhood.  The more I get around, the more I find these interesting little gems that most westerners would never see. Take for example, this wonderful mural of a countryside.  I guess when you live in the heart of the concrete jungle, one way to brighten things up, or escape, is to bring a bit of the countryside to you. I can't help but wonder what village the painter was thinking of during this labor of love?

Mural of countryside on a wall in an alley off a street


picture of alley with a half wall covered by an awning. Under the awning is a picture of purple flowers on a treebranch

This hidden jewel caught my eye when I took a different route to my local market place. From a distance it looked like an old, dirty sign from days gone by. As, I approached it, however, I was blown away.  I wonder who did this? Did the person who spent countless hours stitching this ever think it would end up in a back alley on display to be enjoyed by me? What does the Chinese? say in the upper left hand corner say?

Totally did not expect to see a picture done in needlepoint! My Ma would have loved to see this picture. One of her hobbies was doing needlepoint and cross stitch…and she had a love for Asian artwork.

Close-up picture of purple flowers on a tree branch is doen in needlepoint. There is what appears to be Chinese characters and a read seal in upper left hand corner.





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