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Nov 2023

picture of rays of sunlight peeking through storm clouds over buildings and lake


"A change in the weather"

What a month it has been so far!  

Seems I caught a bug that was going around, and for a couple of weeks I was moderately sick with flu-like symptoms. Fortunately, I am back to my normal healthy self. 

Now me…I'm pretty certain I know where I picked up the bug and who the carrier was. Interestingly, however, all of my Vietnamese friends believe I was sick for a very different reason. 

“Paul ớ! Anh khỏe không?” (Hey Paul. How are you/are you well?)

“Tôi cảm thấy hơi ốm.” (I feel a little sick.)

“Yes, anh Paul, it is the change in the weather.”

Me? I'm pretty sure I was exposed to someone who was sick. My Vietnamese friends? They're all pretty sure it was the changing weather. Every time I, or someone else mentions they're feeling sick, have been sick, or think they are getting sick, there is a collective “Ah yes…a change in the weather” - complete with much confirmatory head shaking. A real show of solidarity… 

I don't think they actually believe the changing weather makes you sick, rather I believe they feel the changing weather has made you unusually susceptible to contracting whatever illness is present. 



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