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Texas State University

Family & Visitors

Family and friends are key to having a great college experience. If you’re important in the life of a Texas State student, it makes you a part of our Bobcat family, too. Check out our great resources for helping you stay connected and providing support to our students.


"Padres y Familia" en español

Arts & Culture

There's always more to explore when you visit Texas State. Love music and theatre? The show is about to start. Dance lifts your spirits? We’ll keep you stepping high. Want to immerse yourself in arts and history? We have too much to see it all. Let’s get into it!

Student Success

Graduation should only be one chapter in a student’s success story. Our goal is to make sure your student is prepared to add chapters on their career and life beyond the classroom. Explore the resources available to each student throughout their journey.

Health and Safety

Providing for student health and safety is always a top priority, and maintaining an open, informed, and empowered community is central to this goal. We have a variety of services, resources, and tools focused on keeping every member of our community safe.

Important Dates


Stay Involved

No matter where you are, we have ways to keep you connected. You can follow us on social media, plan to attend Family Weekend, sign up for campus alerts, and join the Texas State Family Association to stay up to date with campus news and events.
A student with their parents pose near the River

This is TXST

We're the most beautiful university in Texas and the most welcoming community, too. See why more than 38,000 students like you are proud to call this place home.