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Being the omnivore that I am, I will eat anything, including vegetarian cuisine!

The Vietnamese, like all countries, have always eaten dishes that would fit a vegetarian's diet. However, as a result of western cultural influences, a desire to cater to foreign vegetarian tourists, and a growing vegetarian culture, vegetarian restaurants are now opening in Vietnam. In fact, one recently opened half a block from my apartment complex.

As you can see below, the Vietnamese put their own spin on it. The top photo is of a salad made from Julian-ed carrots, some kind of chopped greens, and lotus roots. I particularly like the purple orchid. The bottom photo is of spring rolls made with vegetables of some sort and a bowl of minced garlic and sliced red pepper dipping sauce. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway “It was "ngon quá”!  (very delicious)


vegetarian salad

vegetarian spring rolls and dipping sauce



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