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Program & Admissions Information

Educational Leadership Programs

The Educational Administration program at Texas State emphasizes a 21st century approach to the study of educational administration and supervision. Courses which prepare students for educational leadership follow a natural sequence which relates the concepts, activities, and principles of an initial course to each succeeding course. The courses are field and problem-based. Students are expected to take courses in cohort groups so that lasting, supportive relationships can be developed during their tenure at the university. This program provides an opportunity for individuals to earn a Master of Education degree or a Master of Arts degree with a major in Educational Administration, with an optional degree in Instructional Leadership. Certification to be a school superintendent or principal may be earned in the Educational Administration sequence.

All faculty members are experienced public school teachers and administrators. This practical background enables the professors to demonstrate to students the manner by which ideas, techniques, and policy studies may be applied in a school setting. The faculty is actively engaged in professional organizations at state and national levels. They also serve as consultants to numerous school districts in personnel searches, facility studies, curriculum projects, staff development, and professional organization accreditation studies.

Admissions Information

Superintendent Certification

This program prepares the student to become an effective leader of a school system. The course of study includes such topics as the role of the superintendent, interpersonal and group processes, educational leadership, school board relations, personnel administration, and supervision of the instructional program. The certification requires a minimum of 15 semester hours in addition to the principal certification. The skills and experience of each incoming student will be assessed prior to beginning course work so that a more individualized program may be prepared. The program includes a two-semester internship, which is completed in the district in which the candidate is employed.

Principal Certification

This certification is required of any public school building administrator and for most central administrative positions other than superintendent. The principal certification requires the completion of a 39 semester-hour program.

Students in the Texas State certification and degree programs are given broad academic background in the behavioral sciences. A structured, professional course sequence merges the concepts of management and leadership with those of technical education. These components are combined through a field-based approach to educational leadership and are reinforced through case studies, simulations, role playing, and group interaction. The student applies these concepts and principles during a two-semester internship required for certification.

Further Certification Details

Applying for Administrative Certification