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Program Highlights

SAHE Students Recruiting


The Student Affairs in Higher Education Program aims to develop well-prepared student affairs practitioners who are able to:

  • provide leadership and facilitate student development in a variety of student affairs roles;
  • work effectively with faculty, students, administrators and other members of the academic community;
  • apply theory, research, and assessment and evaluation models to student affairs issues, problems, and programs; and
  • model intentional and ethical practice.

Students participate in a dynamic and student-centered learning environment in which critical thinking, scholarship, and reflection are valued. 

Program Distinctiveness

  • Faculty prepare students to address the developmental and learning challenges of future generations of college students.
  • Departmental support, networking and professional development opportunities create a unique learning environment.
  • Classes are taught by a combination of full-time faculty members and professionals who hold significant administrative positions at Texas State University and neighboring universities.
  • Our alumni are employed at various higher education institutions and non-profit organizations focused on education within Texas and across the United States.
  • Students and faculty in the program reflect a rich diversity of background and experiences.
  • Full-time students gain at least three hands-on professional experiences through a Graduate Assistantship and two Graduate Internships.
  • The program meets guidelines recommended by the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education and ACPA's Commission for  Professional Preparation programs.
  • Nearly all students enrolled in the program have some form of financial assistance (graduate assistantship, fellowship, scholarship).