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Picture of brown and tan spotted dachshund next to brown leaves.

I mostly see small dogs at the park.  I think this is because people's living quarters are very small. This dachshund in the picture above is the only one I've seen and if she gets too close to the brown leaves she disappears from sight. 

Most dogs small dogs in the park are fluffy white miniature poodles, miniature chows, chihuahuas, and mixes of these or rust brown poodles and poodle mixes. The medium size are Phu Quoc Ridgeback's (look up the breed on your fav interweb search engine) or mixes of Ridgeback's and dogs like the black dog I posted last month. 

I don't think the Vietnamese spay/neuter their animals. Every male dog I have seen has the complete package and many of the females have been in heat on a number of occasions, and females look like they have recently weaned pups. Not sure of the reason why they don't spay/neuter. Could be it's expensive or not available. Could also be, the dogs are being bred as a source of income. Then again it may be something that's considered to be unnatural so it's not practiced.  

Then again… there are more than dogs at the park.  Notice the cat below next to the man on the left?

Picture of couple fishing at lake. Cat is laying next to man on left.



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