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This video was at the same location the next day during rush hour.  I  thought you might like the comparison. FYI: The haze is not pollution, it is humidity fogging up my camera lens! When I say hot and humid, I mean hot and humid…

If you have an eagle eye, you should see 13 people in the first side of the street without a helmet. On the second side of the journey I pause the video and show you some citizens not wearing their helmets. If caught, it is a 200,000-500,000 VND fine (~8 to ~$20.00 USD), per person. Of course there will be assorted processing fees to be paid: extra fee to “pay the fine on location” versus at the local police station, extra fee to get your driver's license back, extra fee to get your motorbike keys back, and extra fee to get your insurance papers back. If you are a foreigner and you mistakenly give up your passport/visa when asked, instead of giving a copy of your passport/visa, there will be an additional processing fee to get it back. I always take a Grab (Vietnam's Uber). 




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