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Aw come on!  

It's 75 degrees outside with a moderate rainfall…and I have cabin fever. So I decide the remedy is to go for a walk at the park. Umbrella in hand, dressed in my usual pair of shorts and lightweight polyester blend short sleeve shirt, I venture forth. All the way to the park I"m enjoying the nice cool temperature and thinking “This is great! Finally! A day I won't break a sweat”. 

I don't know what it's going to take, my friends, but within half a lap around the lake, I was dabbing away at the ol' brow with my microfiber washcloth! Only four and half more laps to go…can I get a break here?

I guess the only consolation I have to grasp on to is…I am not alone. I see many locals at the park with sweat-drenched shirts, and every dog I see has their tongue dragging on the pavement. Oh, and temperatures should be dropping soon…soon Paul, soon.

Picture of me standing in front of sign in English and Vietnamese that says " Faculty of Psycholoy, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University""

Yeah…so I do go up to my host university when I'm not eating food or walking around the park. I can see that I have to work on my posture. I'm overcompensating for the weight of the computer bag in my right hand, by leaning to the left. I can hear my Ma ("Stand up straight, Paul, you're slouching again!"). 

So why would the bag be heavy? Let's see…14" Dell Precision 3520 laptop computer (5lbs), 16 fl. oz bottle of water (1lb), misc. crap [2 notebooks, computer power adapter, pens, pencils, umbrella, etc.] (3 lbs), small camera (10.6 oz), padded computer bag (4 lbs)…total poundage: ~14 lbs. … if you look closely I'm wearing black slip-on flip flops (with black socks) “Anh Paul, you look very Vietnamese" I''m told by my friends. That rain story explaining why I wear these is next.



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