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There's an old saying that goes something like this: “If you think you're pretty good at getting people to do what you want, try your dog. If you think you're pretty good at that, try your cat.” 

A life saver for me has been the language translation app on my phone and computer. If one of my friends sends me a text in Vietnamese that I don't understand, I can copy and past it into the app and get a pretty close, and usually accurate, translation. 

In addition, a Vietnamese friend of mine (who speaks no English at all) and I use this app when we get together. We carry on the entire a conversation by speaking into the app on our phone and showing the translation to the other person. I'm sure it's entertaining to those around us. 

So the other day I think…"hmmmI'm getting pretty good at speaking survival level Vietnamese. I should be able to speak Vietnamese into my translation app and it should translate it back into English.”  


picture of cat on jewelry case




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