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Aug 25, 2010 Minutes

Members present: Senators Feakes, Brown, Caldwell, Conroy, Furney, Hazlewood, Huling, Martin, Melzer, Morey, Payne, Stone

Guests: Debbie Thorn, Milt Nielsen, Jeff Snyder

Meeting called to order at 4:00.

• The Chair reported that thank-you’s have been sent to members of Senate committees, Joe Meyer and Richard Batey.
• Herman Horn responded to the Senate’s concerns the addition of administrative closure in UPPS 04.04.46, Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment. Mr. Horn stated that administrative closure is not automatic and is not intended to circumvent process.
• Committee assignments are complete except for the Suspension Appeals Committee. It was noted that the roster sent by the university is out of date. Senate rosters need to be updated.
• PAAG meetings will be held this semester on September 15, October 20, November 10 and December 1.
• Perception surveys have been released.
• A call for development leave proposals will be made as soon as the website is updated.
• A Senator volunteered to draft a report on Senate accomplishments.
• The Senate will request salary data.

24 Hour Parking Update:
Twenty-four hour red parking signs have been posted: 6 in lot R-40 (11 were requested), 5 in R-20, 6 in R-4, 6 in R-42, 4 on State Street by Hines (2 more coming), 8 on the second level of the Pleasant Street garage. After some discussion, it was agreed that the Chair would ask Parking Services if reserved spaces are allocated by lottery each year.

HB 2504 Update:

Debbie Thorn, Milt Nielsen and Jeff Snyder updated senators on the website designed to comply with HB 2504. SACS vitae were imported with an option for faculty to modify them and are marked “out of date” until they are accessed by the faculty member. Faculty can access their vitae and classes through a login portal. All documents are displayed in pdf format, but original documents are accessible for editing by the submitting faculty member. The site will be publically accessible after the twelfth class day. The senators were treated to a demo of the website.

Tobacco Policy:
The PPS on tobacco use is circulating among constituencies.

Presidential Award Committee Representation:
These are three-year appointments by college. Senators from colleges with vacancies were asked to bring names next week


Senate Goals for the Year:
Progress was reported on identifying mace bearers for the summer commencement ceremonies. The Chair collected names of Senators who plan to attend the luncheon for new tenure-track faculty on August 23 in Alkek 105.

Senate Goals for the Year:
The Senate identified three priorities for the coming year: definition of faculty, faculty workload, and the PACE program. Concerns about faculty workload include accuracy and equity. The Senate will distribute workload reports and the PPS on workload to senators and liaisons for review this semester. Concerns about the definition of faculty include grant buy-outs, associate deans, research professors, lack of a residency requirement, and lack of experience in some areas. The Senate will start by gathering historical information on the definition of faculty.

New Business:
• Parking: Concern was raised about the cost of parking to part-time faculty and confusion about visitor parking.
• Honor Code Council: the Chair of the Honor Code Council will receive release time in Spring 2011 rather than Fall 2010.
• Bus Service to Austin and San Antonio: A request to reduce the fare to encourage the use of mass transit and help campus sustainability was considered. It was noted that bus service is currently under review for volume and scheduling.
• Target of Opportunity positions: Faculty are confused about the process and concerned about the equity of the regular recruiting process and the Target of Opportunity process. The Chair will ask if such positions will be available this year.
• HB2504 Evaluations: A pilot study was conducted during Summer II. The committee will meet next week to review the results of the pilot study. It will be administered separately from departmental evaluations.
• Enrollment: Heavy loads are shutting students out of general education courses that are needed to make progress toward a degree. Several departments were identified in which all students must complete general education courses. One such department has seen an enrollment increase of 2400 students with no new space and no new tenure-track faculty lines.