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Role of the Faculty Senate

Since 1959, the Faculty Senate has represented members of the Texas State faculty in the formulation of University policy on a broad range of academic and governance issues. The Senate is made up of approximately 15 faculty members, representing proportionally each of the academic colleges across campus, with one member serving as chair, another as vice-chair, and a third as secretary. Each department/school not represented by a senator is represented by a Faculty Senate Liaison who is charged with communicating individual faculty and departmental concerns to the Faculty Senate.

Lynn Ledbetter, Chair:

The senate monitors all topics of interest to faculty and attempts to assure that the faculty perspective is considered prior to decision making on all important governance issues. 

The Faculty Senate was created in November, 1959, with the ratification of the constitution of the faculty to create a mechanism "through which the faculty as a whole can initiate recommendations for the promotion of the interest of the university community."

This broad charge, combined with the specific constitutional obligation to consider any recommendation submitted in writing by a faculty member, has led the senate to take an interest in a very wide spectrum of academic and policy issues.  Please feel free to contact a faculty senator if you have questions or concerns regarding any policy or procedure.