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Other University Committees

University Committees

The Faculty Senate appoints members to the following committees. The senate appoints members to three-year terms, unless otherwise noted.

Academic Affairs Computing Priority Committee
The committee meets two to three times during the year, or as needed.

Admission Standards Committee
Meets as needed.

Athletic Advisory Council
Meets as needed.

Campus Facilities Planning Committee
Meets once a month, although meetings can be cancelled (such as January).  Sometimes approvals are handled by email. The committee meets during the summer and membership terms are renewable.

Class Scheduling Committee
Meets as needed.

Energy Conservation Committee
Meets once each long semester.

Honor Code Council
The Senate appoints members as needed, there is no set length of term. The council typically meets five times during long semesters.

Intellectual Property Committee
Meets monthly during long semesters, however, if there are no invention disclosures to discuss, meetings will be cancelled, and if a recommendation from the committee is needed between meetings, it is handled via e-mail. .

Institutional Effectiveness Council
Meets once per long semester.

Orientation Planning Committee
Typically meets twice per long semester.

Presidential Work Life Advisory Council
Meets once per long semester.

Registration and Academic Calendar Coordinating Committee
Meets approximately one week following the census date of the spring, second summer, and fall semesters. The committee may be called for additional meetings as required.

Transportation Services Advisory Council
Meets once a month during long semesters. Meeting time is set by members’ schedules.

University Leadership Assembly
The Senate annually appoints three at-large tenure track faculty and three at-large nontenure line faculty from different colleges. Meets once per long semester..

Occupational Safety and Health Committee
May meet monthly to discuss topics of current concern, but typically meetings are less frequent (approximately eight meetings a year).

University Survey Committee
Typically meets twice per year, in July and in November, to review survey proposals for the next semester, as well as discuss other issues related to administrative survey research.