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Nontenure Line Faculty Committee

Comprises one appointed representative from all departments and schools in the Colleges of Applied Arts, Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts & Communication, Health Professions, Liberal Arts, and Science & Engineering, the Nontenure Line Faculty Committee is charged to ensure that non tenure-track faculty have a means to express their interests and concerns directly to the Faculty Senate. The committee meets monthly.

Makes recommendations to the Senate on issues and policies that impact faculty who are not on tenure-track.

Committee Membership

2023 - 2024 Members

Faculty Senate Vice Chair - Chair
Brandon Lunk - Vice Chair
Kim Lee - Events Coordinator
Renee Wendel - Secretary

College    Nontenure Line Faculty Committee     Title, Department Term Exp    Email   
Applied Arts    Sandra Duke    Assistant Professor of Practice, Family and Consumer Sciences    2024   
Applied Arts    KeriAnne Moon    Lecturer, School of Social Work    2025   
Applied Arts    Portia Gottschall    Senior Lecturer, Organization, Workforce and Leadership Studies    2025   
Applied Arts    Howard Williams       
Lecturer, Criminal Justice and Criminology   
Applied Arts Eryn Pierdolla Lecturer, Agricultural Sciences 2025
Business    Laurie Brown    Lecturer, Accounting    2024   
Business Anurag Deb Lecturer, Finance & Economics 2025
Business    Matari Gunter    Lecturer, Management    2025   
Business    Kevin Jetton, Vice-Chair   Senior Lecturer, ISAN  2024   
Business Ravi Jillapalli Lecturer, Marketing 2025
Education    Ellen Duchaine  Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction    2024 *
Education    Susan Hall   Clinical Assistant Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology    2025   
Education    Britney Webb    Senior Lecturer, Health and Human Performance    2025   
Fine Arts & Communication    Elvia Perrin    Lecturer, Art and Design    2024   
Fine Arts & Communication    Dan Seed      Assistant Professor of Practice, Journalism and Mass Communication    2025   
Fine Arts & Communication    Karla Hamelin    Senior Lecturer, Music    2024   
Fine Arts & Communication Hanna Collazo  Lecturer, Communication Studies  2024*
Fine Arts & Communication    Scott Vandenberg    Lecturer, Theatre and Dance    2024   
Health Professions  Cathy Messinger   Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing     2024*
Health Professions  Renee Wendel, Secretary    Clinical Assistant Professor, Communication Disorders    2024   
Health Professions Suzy Okere   Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy    2025   
Health Professions  Jessica Smith  Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiation Therapy  2024
Health Professions Kim Lee Assistant Professor of Practice, Health Administration 2025
Health Professions Melissa Walston-Sanchez Senior Lecturer, Health Informatics & Information Mgmt 2025
Honors College    Ron Haas    Senior Lecturer, Honors    2025   
Liberal Arts Ashley McKeown Senior Lecturer, Anthropology 2025
Liberal Arts    Shelly Wernette  
Senior Lecturer, Geography    2025   
Liberal Arts    Matthew Bower   Senior Lecturer, Philosophy    2025   
Liberal Arts    Shannon Shaw       
Lecturer, English   
Liberal Arts    Amy Meeks    Senior Lecturer, Psychology    2024   
Liberal Arts    Ben Arnold   Senior Lecturer, Political Science    2025   
Liberal Arts    Josh Paddison   Senior Lecturer, History    2025   
Liberal Arts    Gloria Velasquez    Senior Lecturer, World Languages and Literatures    2024   
Liberal Arts  Kelly Mosel-Talavera  Senior Lecturer, Sociology  2024*
Library    Katie Salzmann    Archivist, Alkek Library    2025   
Science & Engineering    Ted Lehr    Senior Lecturer, Computer Science    2024   
Science & Engineering    Austin Talley    Assistant Professor of Practice, Ingram School of Engineering    2024   
Science & Engineering    Selen Hatipkarasulu    Senior Lecturer, Engineering Technology    2025   
Science & Engineering    Glynda Betros    Senior Lecturer, Mathematics    2024   
Science & Engineering    Brandon Lunk    Senior Lecturer, Physics    2025   
Science & Engineering    Dan Smith    Senior Lecturer, Biology    2024   
Science & Engineering    Wendi David   Senior Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry    2025   
Science & Engineering   Rachel Davenport, Chair    Senior Lecturer, Biology and Vice Chair, Faculty Senate    2024