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Research Enhancement Program

Texas State's Research Enhancement Program is an internally funded grant competition intended to encourage and provide support for faculty research and other creative activities. All Texas State faculty members with full-time, continuing nine-month academic appointments are eligible to apply. Tenured, tenure-track, clinical faculty, and faculty of practice who hold the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or professor may apply as principal investigators (PIs) or co-investigators (CIs). Nontenure line senior lecturers may only apply as co-investigators with eligible PIs. The principal investigator and all co-investigators must be employees of Texas State.
Department Chairs, School Directors, Program Directors, Deans, Assistant/Associate Deans and Research Faculty are not eligible to apply. Program Faculty may be included and compensated as internal consultants. External consultants are allowed, but must be paid for professional services as vendor.

Individuals are eligible to apply for a maximum of $8,000; two or more eligible faculty working together on one project may request a maximum of $16,000. Final recommendations for funding of Research Enhancement Grants are made by the University Research Enhancement Committee via the Faculty Senate.

University Research Committee

The Faculty Senate has established a University Research Enhancement Committee, composed of one tenured or tenure-track faculty member from each academic college. Committee members are appointed by the Senate on the basis of their research experience and good judgment, to serve staggered three-year terms. The committee works closely with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, which is responsible for distributing materials and receiving applications. Deadlines and additional information are available on the Research Enhancement Program website.

College Research Enhancement Committees

College Research Enhancement Committees consist of one elected representative from each department/school in the college, chosen in an election conducted early each fall by the department's liaison or senator. The CRE committees are chaired by the college's representative to the University Research Enhancement Committee. These committees review all college proposals and rank them after thorough discussion of each proposal. The committees use a definition of "research" that is broad enough to include all definitions of scholarly and creative activity as defined by the individual departments. Committee members may not submit a proposal during their term.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
A representative of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs serves as an ex officio member of the University Research Enhancement Committee to provide procedural guidelines and information as requested by the committee. Final determination and apportionment of funds is made by the Senate, upon the recommendation of the University Research Enhancement Committee, and notification of the results comes from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.