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Feb 17, 2010 Minutes

Members present: Senators Hazlewood, Caldwell, Bond, Melzer, Feakes, Stone, Brown, Warms, Conroy and Shah.

Guests: Sigler, Peeler, Autry, O’Connor (University Star)

Meeting called to order at 4:00.

Announcements: The Texas State University Board of Regents announced the 12th day enrollment figures for the last two years. There were 27,509 students enrolled in the spring of 2009 and 29,282 students in the spring of 2010.

University Curriculum Committee Proposals: The Senate voted to approve the following two proposals: (1) change the existing Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology major in Applied Sociology to a Bachelor of Science major in Applied Sociology and (2) add a graduate certificate in Intelligence Analysis.

Academic Governance Committee Charge: The Faculty Senate charged the Academic Governance Committee, which is chaired by Dr. William Peeler, with exploring answers to these two questions: (1) What currently constitutes a voting member on a personnel committee? and (2) What should constitute a voting member on a personnel committee? There appears to be some variation across campus regarding these issues. In the last few years, different types of professors, such as research faculty, endowed chairs and clinical faculty, have been hired. The Faculty Senate would like clarification about the voting rights of these types of professors.

Mace Bearers: The Faculty Senate voted unanimously to invite Erik Nielsen and John Beck to serve as Mace Bearers for the College of Fine Arts and Communication and the College of Education, respectively.

Faculty Senate Committee Rosters: A senator asked a question about an assistant dean serving on a Faculty Senate Committee. It was determined that it is permissible since the University does not officially recognize the position of Assistant Dean. When conflicts of interest on some committees arise, the Senate will address the issue on a case-by-case basis.

PPS 6.01 Honorary Faculty Titles and Emeritus Faculty: The Faculty Senate unanimously voted to approve the proposed changes to PPS 601.

University Smoking Policy: Earlier in the semester, Dr. Emilio Carranco distributed to the Faculty Senate a Power Point slide show on the University’s efforts to become a non-smoking campus. Due to the limited amount of time left in the semester and the large number of business items that need to be completed, the Senate postponed Dr. Carranco’s presentation until a later date.


PAAG Agenda Development: President Trauth will meet with the Faculty Senate next week. The following four items were placed on the agenda: (1) the status of the proposed workload reduction for selected faculty who provide extraordinary service to the University; (2) additional information about the proposed elimination of the Intensive English Program; (3) an update on budget issues; and (4) information about the implementation of HB 2504, which requires the posting of faculty vita, faculty evaluations and course syllabi on the University’s webpage.

New Business:
1. On March 5th, the University will decide which professor will be named the University’s Distinguished Professor.

2. The faculty preference survey for serving on committees will be distributed next week.

3. The University Club will reopen in Commons Hall after Spring Break.

4. The Chair reported that she met with Debbie Thorne and David Wiley about the proposed changes to the Honor Code. The changes that the Faculty Senate recommended were made.