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June 18, 2008 Minutes

Minutes for 06/18/08


Members present:  Senators Feakes, Bond, Caldwell, Furney, C. Hazlewood, D. Hazlewood, McGee, Melzer, Shah, Wilson


Guests: Dir of Curr Ser Micky Autrey, Asst VP for Research Michael Blanda



Meeting called to order at 4:00.


Info Items: Chair Feakes circulated a number of items that will be kept on file in the Senate Office:

  • Undergraduate enrollment by Admission
  • Degree seeking graduate student applications
  • Monthly Income Report
  • Projected number of grant proposals
  • Gifts and Pledges


UCC Recommendation:  After discussion, the Senate voted to suspend its rules to allow a vote on the University Curriculum Committee recommendations to:

  • Delete several Biology degree programs
  • Change the undergraduate minor in International Studies
  • Change the undergraduate minor in Music
  • Change the Master of Arts Major in School Psychology to a Specialist in School Psychology
  • Add a course AT5312-Evidence Based Practice and Research in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science for HPER
  • Add a Doctoral of Philosophy major in Criminal Justine together with a number of new courses for the major.

All of the committee’s recommendations were approved.


Testing, Research-Support and Evaluation Center: The Center will have fees for surveys.  According to the program director, Gail Ryser, departments should apply for an exemption for surveys necessary for the upcoming SACS cycle.


Hood or Not: Discussion continued regarding the administrative decision to hood only doctoral graduates at graduation ceremonies.  Discussion focused on the potential for re-instituting a graduate graduation ceremony.  The item may become a PAAG agenda item.


Research Enhancement Program:  The Senate continued discussion of the University Research Committee’s recommended a change in the wording regarding a year of employment after an REP grant is received.  Dr. Michael Blanda, AVPR, argued against the change in wording on the basis that the conditions would be unenforceable.  He indicated that he would ask the committee to reconsider wording and possible changes and bring a recommendation back to the Senate at the July 23rd meeting.




Mace Bearers: Mace bearers for the August 8th graduation are needed.  Senator Furney volunteered for the 2 o’clock session and Senator Caldwell indicated that she might be able to do the 6 o’clock session.  A volunteer is still needed for the 10 o’clock ceremony.


Committee Assignments:  Faculty members are needed to serve on several University Committees:

  • Presidential Work Life Advisory Council - The Presidential Work Life Advisory Council reviews available survey data, current programs, and policies.  They advise the Work Life Coordinator regarding issues and priorities and advise institutional leadership regarding work life issues and concerns.  Richard Warms has been on this committee and will continue to serve if a suitable replacement is not identified.  The committee meets approximately twice per year.
  • Texas State Mediation Advisory Council - Oversees and coordinates mediation services; develops policies and procedures for mediation; and participates in long-term planning for mediation services for the University. The Chair of the Committee has not been assigned and no information is readily available regarding the time commitment. 
  • Orientation Planning Committee - Reviews policies and programming for New Student Orientation. “ The committee is comprised of approximately 33 faculty and staff who meet twice a semester to discuss, among other things, student and parent evaluations from the orientation season.  The group is also charged with exploring issues such as the orientation calendar/schedule, presentation content, services, pricing, and also serves as visionaries for the future of New Student Orientation at Texas State.”  The committee reports to the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing. The Chair of the Committee is Mr. Carlos Laird, Associate Director – Undergraduate Admissions.  
  • Energy Conservation Committee - Proposes methods of conserving energy and generates public support and cooperation for energy conservation efforts.  The Chair of the Committee is Mr. Pat Fogarty, Associate Vice President - Facilities.  The committee will meet no more than quarterly and the meetings last no more than an hour.
  • University Council - Three faculty representatives from different colleges are needed for the university council.  

Senators are asked to bring names for potential members to the July 23rd meeting.


PPS 8.08 Faculty Grievance Policy:  The Senate made several recommendations for changes in the draft Policy and Procedure Statement 8.08 – Faculty Grievance Policy.  The most significant was to replace the phrase in section 3c. “…The President may remove the hearing officer at any time for any reason and may appoint a successor…”  with “…The President may remove the hearing officer at any time for good cause, and may appoint a successor…”  There were other suggestions to make the document more gender neutral.  The Senate is particularly supportive of the new language in section 6a.

“…The following periods of time shall not be included in the calculation of this time limit: (a) all time periods during which an informal resolution of the faculty member’s complaint was under consideration by the chair of the department/director of the school, the dean of the college, or any other university administrative official; (b) all time periods during which the parties were engaged in mediation; and (c) all time periods during which the complaint was pending with the Ombudsman…”


Luncheon withTenure-Track Faculty:  Several Senators volunteered to attend the August 25th luncheon for new tenure-track faculty to be held in Alkek 105.


New Business:

  • New-Old Class Schedule: It was mentioned that the University would revert to a version of the old class schedule during the Spring Semester of 2009 which would allow one-hour spaced start times for mornings MWF.
  • Priority for Teaching Classes:  A question was raised asking if where a faculty member lives should be a consideration in determination of their teaching schedule.  Of particular concern was whether more faculty would be forced to teach classes on the Round Rock campus.  The item might become a future agenda item for the Senate.
  • Faculty Development Leaves:  It was noted that there will be only one submission cycle for Faculty Development Leave next year. Applications for leaves for fall-09 and spring-10 will be done in the fall-08 session.


Minutes:  Minutes for 05/02/08 were approved as amended.