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April 2, 2008 Minutes

Members present:  Senators Stone, Bond, Feakes, Furney, Hazlewood, Hindson, Hurt, McGee, McKinney, Melzer, Ogletree, Shah, Wilson, Winek


Guests: President Trauth; Former Senators; Senate Liaisons; the SouthWest Brass Works; Assoc. VPAA Debbie Thorne; Rebecca Swindal, Staff Council Representative; Mary Dichard, University Star



Meeting called to order at 4:00.


The Avent Dedication:  President Trauth, Senate Chair Stone and former Senator Swinney spoke at the dedication to rename the Senate Offices as “The Henrietta Avent Faculty Senate Room” which honors Dr. Henrietta Avent, a former Senator and Senate Chair from HPER.  Attendees included past Senators, current Senators and Senate Liaisons of the Senate. The SouthWest Brass Works (Jack C. Laumer, Trumpet; Stephen Hager, Horn; Charles R. Hurt, Trombone; Raúl I. Rodríguez, Tuba -- all from the School of Music), provided entertainment.


University Curriculum Committee:  The Senate approved a motion to accept the UCC recommendation to accepting the plans and exceptions approved by the various College Curriculum Committees to meet the state’s 120-hour mandate.


Wellness Program PPS Revision:  There was some discussion of the recent revisions to PPS 04.04.32 – Wellness Program.  There were only minor changes in the new version of the PPS, but there was some concern with the provision allowing only 30 minutes release time for staff. Also questioned was the requirement of managerial approval for staff members to participate.  The University’s Staff Council will be considering the revisions.  It was decided to wait and see what the Staff Council recommends to determine whether the Senate might support changes.



New Business:

  • Proposed Changes to PPS 02.18: Suggested changes for the membership on the University Curriculum Committee were discussed.  The basic recommendation, with wording changes, is to require that faculty members on the committee be tenured.  The motion will be considered next week.
  • Senate Elections:  Senate elections are underway.
  • Faculty Surveys:  The Faculty Survey of Deans, the Provost and President has been initiated. 
  • Technical Writing Classes:  There has been concern expressed by members of the Department of English regarding the drop in enrollment of Technical Writing classes due to changes in degree programs in order to meet the 120-hour legislative mandate.  Enrollment is anticipated to drop by at least half. AVPAA Thorne suggested that the Department might restrict the class size to 18 students per class rather than the customary enrollment of 25 students.
  • Computer Refresh Cycle:  A question was raised regarding the customary time required in departments for fulfillment of the computer refresh cycle.  The cycle in some departments seems to be 4, 5 or even 6 years, rather that the published 3-year cycle.  AVP for Instructional Technology Milt Nielsen will be invited to the Senate to discuss the cycle.
  • Development Leave Hearings:  Next week.
  • Last PAAG Meeting:  The last PAAG meeting of the semester will be Friday, May 2nd.


Minutes:  Minutes for 03/26/08 were approved as amended.