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April 12, 2006 Minutes

Approved Minutes for 04/12/06

Members present:

Chair Stone, Senators Brennan, Conroy, Fite, Hazlewood, McKinney, Montondon, Rao, Sorensen, Warms

Guests: Dr. Michael Blanda

Meeting called to order at 4:00.


University Research Committee: Dr. Blanda, Chair of the URC, met again with the Senate with recommendations for the next grant cycle.The recommendations of the committee were:

1)       Eliminate the separate pools of funds for tenured and tenure-track faculty within a college allocation.

2)       Add 10 bonus points to evaluation scores of all FIRST-YEAR tenure-track faculty.

3)       Non-tenure-track faculty must be Senior Lecturers (not Lecturers) to apply as co-principal investigators with tenured or tenure-track faculty (pending implementation of new titles).

4)       Budgets should be submitted as either $8000 for single investigator proposals or $16000 for multi-investigator proposals.

5)       Minimum college allocation is $8000.

6)       The highest rated proposals within a college should be fully funded.At the discretion of the College Research Committee, budgets may be adjusted in the lower ranked proposals that are deemed worthy of funding resulting in partial funding of those proposals.

The Senate discussed each recommendation with the following results:

1)       Approved recommendation 1).

2)       Approved recommendation 2) with the amendment that the phrase �FIRST-YEAR� be changed to �first time� implying that the 10 bonus points should go to any tenure-track faculty member who has not previously applied for REP funding.

3)       Approve recommendation 3).

4)       Approve the allocation to colleges based on the number of applicants from within the college, i.e., $8000 per single PI or $16000 per multiple PI even though the actual application requests may have been for less.

5)       Did not consider recommendation 5).Discussion deemed the recommendation unnecessary.

6)       Decided that recommendation 6) should be an instruction to the college reviewers.

The Senate also recommended the appointment of Dr. Kate Pierce, Jour & Mass Comm, Dr. Gail Zank, Marketing, Dr. Jay Jamieson, Crim Just to fill vacancies in Fine Arts, Business, and Applied Arts, respectively.


University Curriculum Committee: The Senate made the following appointments and reappointments to the UCC:

         College of Business:Dr. Karen Smith, Marketing, replacing Dr. Elaine Eikner, Accounting

         Liberal Arts:Dr. Audwin Anderson, Sociology, replacing Dr. Dan Lochman, English

         Applied Arts:Dr. Michael Supancic, Criminal Justice, reappointed

         Science:Dr. Don Hazlewood, Mathematics, reappointed

Pending is the replacement of Dr. Russ Hodges for Education.Don Hazlewood was named chair of the UCC.The vice-chair appointment will be made at the next meeting.





Development Leave Ranking:The ranking of twelve development leave applicants were approved and forwarded to the Provost.

CAD:The December schedule for turning in grades will be moved to the next week after graduation ceremonies.

E-Grade:All faculty are being encouraged to submit their grades by e-mail.

Senate Election:The election in Applied Arts has concluded with Dr. Bill Stone, Crim Just, being re-elected to the Senate.Elections in Science and Business will conclude on Friday, April 21.


PAAG Agenda Items: The Senate discussed topics for next week�s PAAG agenda.The following topics were selected:

1. Since the Senate continues to receive questions from faculty on work life issues the Senate would like to revisit the issue of hiring a Work Life Coordinator.


2. A second continuing concern of the Senate is the issue of health care benefits. Recognizing that the ERS is the controlling factor on benefits, the Senate would like to encourage any efforts to improving health care benefits for faculty and staff.


3. The university has just completed the promotion and tenure cycle for the year. The Senate would like to hear the results.


4.The third equity cycle has also just recently been completed.The Senate would like an update on the success of the cycle on the overall process of raising salaries to the CUPA Median?


5.The salary merit cycle is currently in process and the Senate would like to know its current status.


New Business:

The web link to the Provost�s survey on department chairs is to be announced this week. See


Minutes: Minutes for 04/12/06 were approved as amended.