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Nov 10, 2004 Minutes

Present: Chair Stone, Senators Sawey, Rao, Homeyer, Gillis, James, Montondon, Hazlewood, Fleming, Bell-Metereau Warms, Brennan, McKinney, Sorensen

Meeting was called to order at


The senate heard developmental leave applications.


Curriculum committee report was approved.


PAAG follow-up discussions.


Agenda order would be good to place simple issues at the beginning and more complex issues later on.


Service was discussed at the recent CAD and Faculty Senate, along with the equity merit issue.


Council of Deans; deans want to make merit cycle into something else.  To address salary compression.  Chair Stone said that market equity money should not be siphoned off into other areas.


Senator Fleming asked how the Round Rock building fits into the master plan, and Chair Stone said that the coordinating board has decided that the Round

Rock building will lower our HEAF allocation.   The priority list has changed.

The performing arts center dropped out of the list.


Senator Rao asked about the trams and whether these would interfere with the regular traffic. 


Senator Homeyer said they had plans that would improve the quality of life, Brennan liked the control of traffic flow, and the collaboration between the university and the community.


Sawey said that the pictures were pretty but he didn’t see any significant consultation with the faculty.  He asked about the price elasticity of demand, and said that he believed in a subsidy in parking.


Chair Stone said that the slide on the cost of parking was not a random sample.


The shuttle bus system does not serve all the students. 


Senator Hazlewood


Cycle paths, places for faculty to eat,  were all things that were mentioned by faculty in meetings.


Dr. Trauth’s vision and objectives include premier institution,


Hazlewood moved and James seconded a motion to approve the report of the retirement system committee to the ORP designation structure.


Adjourned 5:50.