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Jan 26, 2005 Minutes

 Present: Chair Stone, Senators Sawey, Rao,  Homeyer, Montondon, Hazlewood,

Gillis, Fleming, James,  Shah, Bell-Metereau, Brennan, McKinney, Sorensen, Conroy

Guests: University Star reporter, Dr. Blanda, Carrie Ross, George Restivo, Mary McCulley. 


Meeting was called to order at 4:04.


I. Proposed Changes to Regents

Senator Hazlewood presented proposed changes to the wording on regents rules regarding tenure pps V.4.2.1 and 4.2.7


Senate discussed the possibility of creating a subcommittee to deal with this issue to propose a change in the policy of the regents rules.


February 11 is the deadline for submitting changes.  Senator James moved and Senator Gillis seconded that we recommend eliminating the statement:  By way of example only, tenure does not create a property interest in laboratory space, a particular office, the right to teach graduate students, or use of research materials or equipment.”  The motion was tabled for a vote next week.


II. Nomination of tenure-track University Council members: University Council was not created through a pps, so there is no policy on elections.  Faculty Senate may appoint people for the Council. Kay McGlashan has volunteered from Management to Jian Shen has volunteered from Math.  These were accepted by acclamation.


III. Research Enhancement:

Senator Hazlewood conveyed the concern of his colleagues about the changes in the Research Enhancement Grant program.  Dr. Blanda explained that the senate debated this process and came to this revision after noting that tenured faculty were effectively closed out of the process with the previous bonus policy for untenured faculty.  Senator Conroy observed that the quality of the proposals should be the primary consideration.  Dr. Blanda said that he did not explicitly say that there would be no bonus points for untenured faculty.  The senate expressed the view that all documents should be correctly posted, making this change explicit, that the senators should remind colleagues of this change, and that this issue should be reconsidered after another year of the current policy.


Other colleagues had brought forward other comments and concerns about the quality and consistency of evaluation and comments.  Therefore, it is important to be sure that the reviewers are well trained and consistent.  Senator Conroy asked for written guidelines for evaluators, and Dr. Blanda asked if she could assist in formulating these.  Senator Gillis suggested that if evaluators had not provided justifications, their evaluation could be eliminated.


Dr. Blanda reported on Research Enhancement and FAS.  People are asking when their accounts will be activated.  This will take time and paperwork in order to activate the grant management process.  This will require FAS training, which is quite time-consuming.  ORSP and Dr. Blanda are protesting the practice of having faculty be responsible for learning FAS, and it is recommending that five people who are knowledgeable should manage these accounts.


IV. Fine Arts Temporary Senator Appointment

The appointment of Senator Fleming to replace Senator Peeler was approved for the spring semester. 


V. Nomination for Presidential Teaching Excellence Committee Senator Shah moved and Senator James seconded a motion to appoint the following people to serve:  Jennifer Forrest, Craig Hanks, David Lemke. 9 for and 4 opposed.  Several senators expressed concern about the balance of representation of different colleges.  Senator James agreed to serve instead of Jennifer Forrest, in light of an over-representation by liberal arts.


VI. PPS 2.11

This new policy for creating new divisions or school p. 5, the first bullet, Senator Shah questioned what “very large” means.  It was also recommended to delete the possibility of a school becoming a free-standing college.  Delete number 12.  Change 17 from “review” to “approval.”  Delete 18 and remove university council from the process in other areas.  Eleven  E” would become Council of Academic Deans, and eliminate “I” and  “K.” Reverse order of “C” and “D.” Change “J” to “The Provost.”  This item will be RTA’d to the following meeting.


VII. Creation of UPPS on Public Art

Faculty Senate will establish a UPPS on Building Art.  Other stakeholders will need to be included.  There is also a university committee, but it has no policy. 


VIII. PAAG Items for 2/9/05

Creation of UPPS on Public Art

FAS and faculty

Environmental Issues on Campus

Deans reporting to Cassidy; clarification of chain of command How many Vice Provosts will we have—UPPS on creation of administrative positions and units Efficacy of University Council Reports on College Review groups; relation of tenure and promotion to associate policies


IX. New Business and Approval of Minutes

Approval of minutes was tabled.


Meeting adjourned at 5:50.


Minutes submitted by Rebecca Bell-Metereau .