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April 27, 2005 Minutes

Members present:

Chair Stone, Senators Brennan, Conroy, Fleming, Frost, Gillis, Hazlewood,  Homeyer, James, McKinney,  Rao, Sawey, Sorensen, Warms


Guests: Clayton Medford, University Star Reporter, Joan Heath, Asst VP, Univ. Libr., Julio Dix, Mathematics, Judy Leavell, Curr & Inst, Jane Mills, Admin Libr, Shirley Ogletree, Psychology


Meeting called to order at 4:00.



1. Runoff Elections:

College of Education

Stephen Furney, Gay James, Jack Ransone


College of Fine Arts & Comm  (2)

Michel Conroy, Ian Davidson, Michelle Ney, LeAnne Stedman, Lee Williams


College of Science

Ron Sawey, Gary Winek


College of Libral Arts (2)

Maria Czyzweska, Lawrence Estaville, Jennifer Forrest, Ted Hindson,

Audrey McKinney, George Weinberger


2. Tenure/Promotion Document: the Provost wants to finalize the document over the summer.


3. Summer Schedule:  Senators should think about the summer meeting schedule for the next meeting.


4. Document Coming:  There is a new draft policy document circulating that defines clinical and research faculty positions, etc.


PAAG Items for next week:

  1. Tenure/Promotion – The Tenure/Promotion document will be an item at the request to the Provost
  2. Role of the Chair Document – Senators still have some questions regarding the step-down salaries of department chairs.  The issue is whether the 75% step-down salary includes or does not include the chair stipend.  Part of the confusion is that some chairs have a chair stipend and others do not.  The consensus of the Senate is to remove any stipend and then cut the salary to 75% of the salary minus the stipend.
  3. Public Art Policy – The Senate had requested that a policy was needed for Public Art in buildings and on the grounds of the university.  What is the current status of this policy development?
  4. BCBS & CTMC Contract Discussions – Faculty members are very concerned about the contract dispute between Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Central Texas Medical Center. Would the President inform us about recent developments?
  5. Legislature – Since the session is coming to a close, what is the current status of legislation affecting Texas State?

Other issues that did not make the agenda:  Is the FAS system ever going to work?  What about the move to make out-of-country classes equivalent to residential classes; there is a fear that such a move will make out-of-country classes go away?  Were there any problems with CUPA equity cycle?


Library Materials Allocation Formula:

The library materials allocation formula for departmental allocations is up for review.  All departments were surveyed through their library representatives, with 49 departments and school indicating by a large majority that the current allocation formula was fair.  In

Summary, the current formula still seems to work.  Only one significant issue was raised:

How to fund interdisciplinary PhD programs?  The current example was with the ED prefix for 7000 level courses.  That allocation would go to EAPS, which will share with the rest of the college.  Other 7000 course allotments will be assigned to the departments where the class is taught.  It is requested that their recommendation of no change in the allocation formula serve as its required 5-year review.  Senate will act on the recommendation at the next meeting.


University Research Committee Appointments:

New members:  Alan Chavkin, English and John Walker, HPER were approved by the Senate.


Constitutional Amendments:

It was suggested that the Senate consider proposing the constitutional amendment ballot be circulated at the first meeting of the colleges in the fall.  Discussion will continue.


Development Leave Applications:

The rest of the meeting went to consideration of development leave applications of:

Duncan Waite, EAPS

Teya Rosenberg, English

Walter Wright, Pol. Sci.

Ted Hindson, Pol. Sci.

Rebecca Bell-Metereau, English

John Davis, Psychology