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Sept 10, 2003 Minutes

 Members present: Senators Stone, Sawey, Peeler, Gillis, Conroy, James, Shah, Rao, Hazlewood, McGee, Bell-Metereau, Brennan, Stone, Gordon. Hofer

Guests:  Miriam Echeverria, Selene Hinojosa, Margaret Vaverek, Emily Gunn University Star Reporter


Chair Stone called Faculty Senate to order at 4:08. 


I. Chair and Dean Evaluations.

Stone will transmit memos on Sept. 17.

Data will be available on the web on September 17th.


II. New regents rules on Tenure

Faculty salary is a property right, but under new regents rules, this does not guarantee the right to a particular lab or office.  Another change is that faculty may be switched to another department with other duties, and the faculty member may be denied the right to particular laboratories, research materials, or equipment.


Chair Stone suggested making the faculty response to these changes an item on the web page or the subject of a survey.


Senator James suggested that we forward emails to fellow faculty members after cutting out introductory materials. 


The Senate agreed to return to the issue and the best way to distribute this after the PAAG meeting.


III. Revisions to the senate annual report

Senator Hawkins asked if the faculty had received a report on salary compression and equity. 

Chair Stone said he would speak with former Senator Stutzman to see if he had that report available.


Section III, Par. 1,


We discussed whether items that have been completed should be amended to be up-to-date.


Senators Brennan and James said it would be preferable to keep the document as is and append an update or send out a later update.


Senator James suggested that each responsible senator should provide an update, except that one third of the senators are now no longer senators.


We decided to post as is.


Senator Bell-Metereau moved to have update annually, since minutes serve as an update, Senator Rao seconded.  The motion was passed.


Senator Peeler asked if we should replace Senator Frost on the Facilities Committee, and Senator Shah volunteered.


Web sub-committee will be Senator Shah and Senator Peeler will be on the facilities issues subcommittee.


IV. Consensual Dating Between Faculty and Students

Faculty Senate Governance committee may be an appropriate venue for this topic.  This will be forwarded to them for their consideration and recommendations.


V. Committee on committees report

Curriculum committee called for corrections and requested changes.  Dr. Michael

(Tim) England was appointed as chair for the Academic Computing committee. We tabled consideration of the temporary faculty committee and appointments of dean and chair for Academic Governance.


VI. Creation of New Faculty Rank

The rank of research professor is being considered.  This is currently being discussed.


VII. Enhanced Librarians’ Status Proposal

Chair Stone asked the librarians to comment on their views on the proposal.

Ms. Vaverek said that Associate Vice President Wyatt had met with them, and she said most of the librarians viewed this as a start in the process.  She did not know how the original recommendations became the document that the senators had received.  Ms. Hinojosa asked how the senate was involved in this document, but she was not given a direct answer. Ms. Vaverek said that the librarians did not request tenure.  There was some question about conditions for dismissal. 


Ms. Hinojosa said there were questions about academic freedom and dismissal or non-appointment.  The classification of “staff” eliminates the possibility of tenure.  Reduction in staff positions may occur, but probably not in the library, which is understaffed already.


Ms. Hinojosa said they discussed their concerns with Dr. Wyatt. 


Ms. Vaverek explained that she is Faculty Outreach Librarian, but she is not part of the communication structure; she is not automatically notified of faculty meetings because of the job code she is assigned.  At one time librarians had “librarian tenure.”  At Texas Tech they have their titles on the academic pay plan. 


Senator Bell-Metereau asked what remains to be done in order to satisfy their demands. 


Ms. Vaverek said one question is where job codes would go.


Senators Sawey and Brennan will get with the group and the librarians can ask those questions through them at PAAG.


Chair Stone said we have academic integrity included.  We’ll blend with list: 



Faculty Handbook

Budget Issues


Senator Gillis gave a report on the Presidential Award issue.  A faculty member requested the ranking form, evaluations, etc., and this does not exist.  They believe we should have formal ranking forms, etc., as with tenure and promotion. 

Discussion of this matter was tabled.


Budget update.  Started out 3 months ago with 4%.  Re-negotiated to 2.5% of total budget.  Senior staff re-negotiated to 1.75, then to 1.5. Now budget is in a state of negotiation, and no seems sure what is happening.


Senator Hazlewood was in the meeting with Associate Vice President Cassady and the Council of Chairs.


Senator Gordon said this was a standard re-distribution technique. 


Senator Shah said there was talk about cutting summer school drastically.

Chair Stone said this was the beginning of a count period, and in order to have a lot of SCH at count periods, we would probably have as many summer classes as possible.


The Piper Award Process was accepted with Michelle’s editorial revisions.


We tabled approval of minutes to the next meeting.


Senate was adjourned at 6:10.


Submitted by Rebecca Bell-Metereau 9/16/03.





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