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Nov 12, 2003 Minutes

Present: Chair Stone, Senators Bell-Metereau, Hindson, Rao, Shah, James, Conroy, Gordon, Hazlewood, Peeler, Sawey

Guests: University Star Reporter Robert Doerr


Chair Stone called the meeting to order at 4:25, after a delay, due to a fire drill.


I.    Senate approved  minutes of 10/22/03 and tabled approval of 10/29/03 and



II.   Presentation of Faculty Developmental Leave Proposals

The senate heard and rated the presentations of faculty for developmental leave.


III.  Nominations for Teaching Excellence Committee

Senate voted to recommend the following faculty for consideration for the Committee for Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence:


Terry McCabe, Mathematics

Craig Hanks, Philosophy

Ann Burnett, Speech Communication


The senate expressed the expectation that the rest of the committee would include a broad, representative spectrum of the university.


IV.   Distribution List

Senator Hazlewood distributed a list for email distribution and said that it should work. 


Senator Sawey said that in principle only we have access to this with our accounts.


Senator Peeler asked if there was an opt out function and Chair Stone said he didn’t think so.


Senator Shah said he would like to get help in designing the web page, and Senator Sawey said that Milt Nielsen had volunteered his people to help with the web design. 


Senator Hazlewood said they would help if we were willing to wait a while.


Senator Peeler asked if there was not a university committee on web pages, and Chair Stone answered that there has been some confusion on this issue. 


V.    Committees

Chair Stone said he had an update on the committees and that Carolyn McCall should check.  He currently has the computer up-to-date, as far as he knows.

Chair Stone said that some committees don’t get man volunteers, and that each senator is responsible for certain committees.  The senate asked to find out exactly which committees have chairs selected by faculty senate and which elect their own.


Senator Conroy asked if Dr. Gratz had said anything abut the proposed committee members, and Chair Stone said he had heard nothing so far on committees, the computer, or the number of graduations faculty should attend.


V.    Minutes

      Corrections for 10/29/03 were suggested and approved, and minutes for 11/05/03 were tabled.


The meeting adjourned at 6:00.


Draft minutes submitted by Rebecca Bell-Metereau 11/18/03.