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Oct 22, 2002 Minutes

Senators Present: Oren Renick,  Bill Peeler, Chris Frost, Ron Sawey, Gay James, Jim Stutzman, Michel Conroy, Bill Stone and Mike Blanda

Guests: C. Fleuriet, B. Brock, S. Johnson

4:00 Call to Order, welcomed guests.

I.  EMG Report

Dr. Cathy Fleuriet, Associate Vice President for Quality and Planning, along with Bob Brock and Sarah Johnson from the Educational Marketing Group met with the Senate to discuss the EMGís report concerning itís recommendations for a marketing plan for the University. The initial finding was that any Positioning and Branding Statements should only be developed after the upcoming revision of the Universityís Strategic Plan.

Mr. Brock and Ms. Johnson then outlined the suggested time line for the marketing plan:

Immediate: It was found that multiple looks and logos were in use across the campus. While the new Strategic Plan was being developed, visual I.D.ís and messaging would be consolidated.

Now through June 2003: Develop new Strategic Plan. Develop an internal communication plan.

June 2003 through December 2003: Develop new I.D. and logo.

January 2004: Internal launch of new I.D. and logo.

Fall 2004: External launch of new I.D. and logo.

After further discussion, Dr. Fleuriet was asked if the EMG report could be placed on the Universityís web site and the URL passed on to the Senate for distribution.

II. New Business

Two items were introduced, briefly discussed, then RTAíd to the 10/23/02 meeting for further consideration. They were:

1. The need to identify a faculty representative to the committee studying the creation of a Higher Educational Center (formerly the MITC) campus in San Antonio like the one currently in Round Rock.

2. The issue concerning the alarming increase of ìjunkî email.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00.