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Nov 20, 2002 Minutes


Approved Senate Minutes
November 20, 2002

Senators Present:  Bell-Metereau, Blanda, Brennan, Conroy, Frost, Gillis, James, Hindson, Peeler, Renick, Sawey, Stone, Stutzman,

Guests: President Trauth, Vice President Gratz, K. Fite, M. Vaverek

Chair Renick called the senate to order at 4:02 pm., announcing that Kathy Fite will return on the 4th to discuss additions or substitutions for the Faculty

I.      Summer teaching:  Allocations have been made to colleges.  During the early 80s this was allocated early, but this changed during the mid 80s.  President
Trauth asked if this was an issue because of faculty planning.  Several senators replied that this posed a financial problem for some faculty if they were not sure of summer teaching salaries.  Dr. Gratz observed that the primary consideration should be if this meets instructional needs.

II. Critique of the Academic Planning Process:  President Trauth stated that the four critiques will be due to Kathy Fleuriet by December 17th and that three of the four were already complete, showing a great deal of commonality.  Academic planning is at the center and will lead the process.  We are currently doing an environmental scan and in early February recommendations for change will emerge, with feedback loops insuring that the process is interactive.

III. President Trauth announced the allocation of $400,000 in new money for four undergraduate faculty lines in CIS, Curriculum and Instruction, Art and
Design, and Marketing and Finance, the areas of greatest growth.  President Trauth stated that this was a beginning, and that it would, of course, be ideal to have many more new faculty positions.

IV. Faculty Workload:  President Trauth and Vice President Gratz informed the senate that the faculty workload reports are in, but analysis will occur in stages, in order to put data into a more useful format than the one the state mandates.  President Trauth stated that certain people should do this record-keeping for the state requirements, but that this was not something that should be a major concern for faculty.  Several senators replied that this was an issue because they were looking for a reasonable assurance of equity in allocation of workload and assigned time within departments and across schools.

V. Caps on enrollment:  President Trauth said that the university would probably try to cap at 26,000 and the university would raise freshman admissions requirements for next year.  The school of business is restricted by ACSB requirements.

VI. Faculty Handbook:  Professor Kathy Fite reported on the beginning of the new handbook revision, suggesting that they may investigate the use of a
consultant to assist in developing certain parts of the handbook, such as a mentoring program description.  The document will soon be in an electronic format, with limited hard copies available.  Dr. Gratz noted that the section on research is inadequate, compared to the section on teaching.

VII. Faculty attendance at graduation:  Professor Fite announced that faculty would be required to attend graduation once a year, and Dr. Gratz said the subject of faculty ushers will return to CAD.  President Trauth emphasized that it would be important to have a substantial number of faculty at each graduation, and that this would occur if each faculty member goes to one per year.

VIII. The senate heard presentations by the following developmental leave applicants:

Jeffrey Slomka, Jose Trinidad, John Garcia, Ernest Ratliff, Michael Pierson, Linda Homeyer, Willard Stouffer and Richad Earl.

Submitted by Rebecca Bell-Metereau