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Sept 6, 2000 Minutes

Members Present-all.Guests: President Supple, Vice President Gratz, Associate Vice President Cassidy.


      1.PAAG (Presdient's Academic Advisory Group)

       A.  Academic Honesty.  A follow up of previous concerns about level of  academic honesty on the SWT Campus. Plans are to form a Task Force to study the extent of the problem of academic dishonesty and what might be done to improve any problems found.

      B.  Merit Cycle.  Concern was expressed that some Chairs had failed to follow the policy that faculty be informed of merit decisions in a fashion that would allow them to express dissatisfaction with the decision before the decisions are made final.  There is mounting concern that appeals about merit pay can only go to Chairs and Deans who are, in fact, the persons who make the decision!

     C.  Reserve Funds.  Several of the Senators had inquired about the status and use of SWT reserves.  President Supple reported that SWT has 10-12 million dollars in reserve whereas some say we should have over 20 million in reserve. President Supple said that he believes that improved freshman retention and increased enrollment will improve the reserve situation.

    D.  President Supple reported that all of SWT's proposals were approved at the last Board of Regents Meeting including the proposal for a Ph.D. in Education and the go-ahead on the 22 month delayed Art-Technology-Physics Complex.

          Regular Meeting Following PAAG

1. Dr. Van Wyatt, Vice President for Information Technology, Will be the Senate's guest on Sept. 13.  The Senate discussed several things they would like the VPIT to address in his discussion with them.  Some of the issues concern confidentiality  of computers used by faculty, up-to date mail list servers, and responses to the Senate Library Subcommittee concerning Librarian scheduling issues.

2.  Committee Assignments: Carol Greer and Stinson Worley have agreed to serve on the Parking Appeals Committee.  Mike Willoughby has agreed to serve as the Dean on  the Grievance Committee and Sue McCullogh has agreed to serve as the Chair on the Grievance Committee.

3.  The Senate will continue to pursue proposed changes in grievance procedures with the Board of Regents Attorney

4.  The Senate has prepared a list of faculty willing to serve on departmental review teams.

5.  PPS 4.13 has been adopted specifying procedures for faculty to maintain property rights on notes and other materials.

6.  The Minutes of the August 30 Meeting were approved.  Adjourned at 5:56 PM