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June 28, 2000 Minutes


Approved Faculty Senate Minutes

June 28, 2000

Senators Present:  Hays, Gillis, Stone, Blevens, Skerpan-Wheeler, Brennan, Blanda, Stimmel, Sawey, Peeler, McKinney, Gordon, Renick, Stutzman

Guests:  Dr. J. Beck,  COE;  Dr. S. Springer, OCED; Dr. J.  Ross-Gordon, EAPS; Dr. C. Opheim, PS; Dr. M. Willoughby, GC; Dr. R. Martin, CIS/QMST & Chair, Curriculum Committee; Dr. L. Estaville, GEO; Dr. M. Ali, CS; Dr. S. McCullough, EAPS; Dr. S. Beebe, COMM; Ms. C. Waggoner, VPAAís Office; Ms. M. Henry, VPAAís Office; Dr. C. Dolezal, CI; Dr. T. Hull, PS; Dr. C. Slater, EAPS; and Ms. M. Vaverek, Librarian

Call to Order:  3:05pm

Curriculum Committee Report

Dr. R. Martin presented the Curriculum Committee report on course and program proposals approved and answered questions.

M Gillis/S Stone  Endorse Curriculum Committeeís report.  Motion failed.

M Sawey/S Skerpan-Wheeler Vote on the first 8 items as a block, then vote on the 9th (Ph. D. in Ed.) separately.  Motion passed unanimously.

M Sawey/S Skerpan-Wheeler  Approve committeeís recommendation to approve the first 8 items.  Motion passed unanimously.

M Gillis/S Gordon  Approve committeeís recommendation to approve the proposed Ph. D. in Education.  Discussion involved some senators questions about the source of funding for the program and concerns that funding it would take funding away from and hurt existing programs.  Motion passed 8 to 3.

Faculty Assignments

Senator Blevens presented a preliminary study of SCH/FTE ratios.  Trends include: a 22% increase in per-class (adjunct/ part-time) faculty since 1995, a 31% decrease in tenure-track faculty, and an 8% increase in tenured faculty.  Dr. Blevens concluded that the university is bolstering SCH at the least expense possible.

Insurance Survey Results

Senator Renick presented results of the insurance survey.  This summer's enrollment packet will contain a list of primary care physicians rated highest by SWT employees along with the ratings of health plans/insurers.  Individual communications regarding the results of the survey will be sent to some of the plans and hospital providers.

University Name Change

M Peeler/S Sawey  Faculty Senate opposes proposed name change from SWTSU to TSU at SM.  Motion passed 8 to 4 with 2 abstentions.

M Brennan/S Blanda  Faculty Senate will survey the faculty regarding proposed name change.  Motion passed 12 to 1.

Report on Meeting with TSUS Attorney

Chair Hays reported that Dr. Gomez is opposed to changing language regarding faculty need to allege deprivation of rights in paragraph V-4.433 of existing Board Rules.

A hearing officer may not recommend changing the institution action regarding tenure, non renewal, termination of employment, or denial of promotion unless the faculty member establishes, by a preponderance of the evidence, that established university policy or criteria has been violated or that he or she has been denied a right guaranteed by the constitution or laws of the United States or of the State of Texas.

The language in bold type is the proposed Senate change.

Dr. Hays will send our proposed addition to other Faculty Senates in the TSUS.

New Business

Macebearers for Summer 2000 graduations were appointed ? Senators Stutzman, Blevens, and Blanda.

Senator Stimmel was appointed to the Facilities Committee for one year.

Senator Renick agreed to suggest a faculty member for appointment to the Suspensions & Appeals Committee

Minutes of May 10, 2000 meeting

Were approved as written.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm.