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July 26, 2000 Minutes

Senators Present:  Hays, Stone, Blevens, Brennan, Blanda, Sawey, Peeler,

McKinney, Renick, Stutzman

Guests:  Dr. Michael Boone, EAPS & Chair, Library Committee; Dr. Robert Northcutt, Math & Chair, Budget Committee, Joan Heath, University Librarian, Dr. Julio Dix, Professor, Dept of Math, Dr. Chinna Natesan, Assoc Professor, Dept
of Math, Jane Mills, Administrative Librarian

Call to Order:  3:03pm

Library Committee Report

Dr. Boone presented the Library Committee's recommendation regarding library funding for Ph.D. programs. This recommendation involved a modification of the existing departmental allocation formula by creating a weighting factor for doctoral semester credit hours. In addition, the committee recommended that the $50,000 presently being used from the
acquisitions budget to supplement the Geography Ph.D. allocation be set aside at the end of the five-year commitment so that the funds will be available for future doctoral programs. The motion was made (Renick/Sawey) to accept the committee's recommendation and passed unanimously.

Budget Committee Report

Dr. Northcutt presented the Budget Committee report which highlighted six issues that the committee felt should be considered by the Senate:
        1. Actual costs and optimistic projections associated with the Division I effort.
        2. Disproportionate growth in the administrative/staff areas of the University.
        3. The shift in hiring from qualified assistant professors to the increased use of part-timers and lecturers.
        4. Faculty salary compression.
        5. Costs and liability contracts associated with Aquarena Springs.
        6. Clarification of the University mission concerning the commitment to quality undergraduate education.

Following discussion, the motion was made (Sawey/Renick) to ask the Budget Committee to focus on items 2 through 4 and provide specifics concerning these areas.

Faculty Salaries, Raises and the Web

Senator Sawey reported that he was working on a web site for posting FY 2001 faculty salaries and raises and would also post administrator's salaries when data was available.

Senator Sawey then proposed a recurring Faculty Senate survey site which would provide a vehicle for faculty input and opinions regarding issues affecting them. Dr. Sawey requested permission to send all Chairs a list of faculty names and email addresses for correction and/or verification. The Senate encouraged Senator Sawey to continue efforts toward the
development of the survey site. Senators Blanda, McKinney, and Stone agreed to provide suggested questions for future surveys.

New Business

Chair Hays reported that she had been provided with the names of three nominees for a representative on the Program Review Committee for the Geography doctoral program. Dr. Hayes will contact each of the nominees and ascertain their willingness to serve.

Minutes of June 28, 2000 meeting were approved as presented with changes.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm.