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Jan 17, 2001 Minutes

Call to Order  3:58 pm

Senators Present:  J. Hays (Chair),  M. Gillis,  E. Skerpan-Wheeler, R. Sawey,  W. Stone, O. Renick, M. Blanda, M. Reese, T. Stimmel, M. Brennan, J. Stutzman, F. Blevens,  W. Peeler

Guests:  Robert Mooney, Nancy Nusbaum, Asst. VPAA P. Cassidy, Wilbon Davis, Mike Moore

1. Academic Standards Committee Report

Robert Mooney presented recommendations from the Senate Academic Standards Committee. The first involved deadlines for dropping classes. The recommendation states:

"The Academic Standards Committee recommends that the policy for dropping classes be revised to state:

Students may withdraw without instructor approval on or before the 14th class day for regularly scheduled courses or prior to the 4th class session in three-hour classes during the fall and spring semesters; in summer sessions, the students may withdraw without instructor approval on or before the 5th class day. Instructor approval is required after the 14th class day or the third class session for three-hour block classes through the 9th week of classes during the fall and spring semesters; it is also required after the fifth class day through the 10th class day during a summer session.  Instructors should only give
approval under the following conditions:

1.  The student has complied fully with the instructor's attendance policy.
2.  The student has taken all the tests and turned in all papers and/or projects due by the drop date.
3.  The student has made a determined effort to learn the material, complete the work, and participate in class.

Students can petition for a "hardship drop" following the 14th class day or the 4th class session during the fall and spring semesters or the 5th class day during a summer session, if unable to complete a course due to physical and/or medical debilitation, or extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Students will not be permitted to drop a course after the 9th week of classes during the fall and spring semester or the 10th class day during a summer session unless a hardship is verified."

There was discussion regarding the concern that the recommendation would have a negative impact on admissions and retention. There was general agreement among the Senators that this would not be the case. There was
also a question as to whether the same policy should be recommended for the Graduate Catalog.

The second recommendation addressed the issue of there being no limit to the number of times an SWT student was allowed to repeat a course. The Committee recommended that the policy be revised to state that a course
can only be repeated twice and that the first retake does not replace the original grade, but that all allowed retake grades would be averaged with the original grade.

It was moved (Sawey/Stimmel) to table the discussion until the next meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

2.  Facility Issues and Funding Availability

Wilbon Davis, a member of the Issues Sub-Committee of the Facilities Committee addressed the Senate seeking input concerning the proposal to relocate the University Club to the Jones dining room area. It was agreed to place the item on a future agenda.

The Senate then heard a presentation by Nancy Nusbaum regarding the current condition of University facilities and infrastructure, current and proposed new construction projects, proposed repair/renovations, and the funding, both needed and available/projected, to accomplish stated projects. Many Senators expressed grave concerns over the rapidly deteriorating condition of the physical infrastructure of the University, and the grossly inadequate funding, both available and projected.

3.  Minutes of the 12/13/2001 Meeting were approved.

4.  Meeting adjourned at 6:04