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Feb 21, 2001 Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Chair Joan Hays at 4:05 pm

Senators Present: R. Sawey, M. Gillis, B. Stone, M. Blanda, F. Blevens, T. Stimmel, E. Skerpan-Wheeler, A. McKinney,
M. Brennan, J. Stutzman, M. Reese

I. State of the Faculty

Several items, which the Faculty Senate has accomplished or initiated, were discussed in regards to the ensuing State of the
Faculty Address to be delivered by Chair, Joan Hays.
The topics are listed below:

1.   Developed a merit grievance process for faculty.
2.   Investigated travel reimbursement issues.
3.   Monitored the Bonus process.
4.   Instituted a web-based faculty survey.
5.   Monitored the move to Division IA athletics.
6.   Monitored faculty Equity Process(es).
7.   Evaluated developmental leave requests of faculty.
8.   Acted on reports from various Senate committees including University Research Committee (FREG), Curriculum
      Committee, Insurance Committee, Retirement Committee, Academic Computer Committee, Academic Standards
9.   Assisted President Supple in the creation of an Academic Honesty Taskforce.
10. Endorsed smoke-free campus (not unanimously).
11. Received updates on electronic classroom advances.
12. Approached the Board of Regents about changing language of the Regents' Rules pertaining to grievances in light of
       legislative changes.
13. Urged improved PPS for Academic Club Advisors.
14. Monitored PPS revisions and other policy issues.
15. Obtained an increase in the monetary award for the Everette Swinney Faculty Senate Teaching Award to $2,000.
16. Oversaw committee assignments for Senate Committees.
17. Posted most of Senate meeting minutes on Senate web page.
18. Initiating a committee to look into a new and/or improved faculty dining facility.
19. Evaluated proposals for new doctoral programs and provided the advice of a cautious review of all new programs.
20. Looked at salary compression and possible remedies.
21. Queried the hiring procedures.
22. Discussed the status and use of part-time and temporary faculty.
23. Continued to push for results of Chair/Dean evaluations.

Taken by Michael Blanda (Chemistry and Biochemistry)