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Feb 14, 2001 Minutes

Senators present: M. Blanda, F. Blevens, J. Hays (chair), A. McKinney, B. Peeler, M. Reese, O. Renick, R. Sawey, B.

Scheuermann (substituting for M. Gillis), E. Skerpan-Wheeler, T. Stimmel, B. Stone, J. Stutzman.

Guests: President J. Supple, VPAA Gratz, P. Cassidy, M. Moore.

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm.


Reporting on the Board of Regents meeting, President Supple noted that SWT's proposal for fee increases has been
approved by the Board of Regents. The proposal calls for an increase in fees to $40 per credit hour unless tuition is raised to $42 per credit hour; if tuition is raised to $42 per credit hour, then the fees will increase to $42 per credit hour as well.
President Supple also reported that the Board has given approval that two stories be added to the student center parking lot.

President Supple discussed with the Regents an on-going plan for SWT to participate in the purchase and development of 24 acres of land off Aquarena Springs Drive. Plans for the land include an 850-bed residence hall, a parking lot for hall
residents, and a commuter parking lot.

President Supple anticipates that, given the present emphasis on addressing the need for better health care plans for public
school teachers, the legislature will dedicate little or no new funding for other educational needs. This means that the
university will continue to be underfunded for construction projects, faculty and staff salaries, and maintenance.

President Supple noted that the efforts of the University to move to Division I-A football are on hold pending a decision (due in 2002) by the NCAA concerning whether to eradicate the sub-classifications within Division I.

President Supple endorsed the idea the there be an explicit university policy concerning computer privacy.

VPAA Gratz endorsed strongly the idea that copies of the academic honesty form be housed within the chairs offices
of every academic department.

Dr. Gratz reported that Dean and Chair evaluations should be available on or before 26 March.

Dean Juarez and Dean Cheatham are the deans to be evaluated during the up-coming cycle, and M. Reese will chair the
Committee for the Summative Review of the Evaluation of Deans for the evaluation of Dean Juarez, and J. Hays will chair
the Committee for the Summative Review of the Evaluation of Deans for the evaluation of Dean Cheatham.

Dr. Gratz pointed out that present SWT policy dictates that academic departments are to provide scantrons and bluebooks for students; he also noted that at present the policy holds only for the Spring and Summer 2001 sessions. A different policy might be in place Fall 2001.

Dr. Gratz noted that it would be helpful if the Senate, when sending on its evaluations of Developmental Leave proposals,
would not only provide a ranking of the candidates but an explicit indication of whether there are proposals that in the
judgment of the Senate ought not be funded.


Chair Hays volunteered to re-draft the Merit Appeals Form for re-consideration by CAD. Senators were especially eager that the form give deans the opportunity to comment upon their decisions.


Chair Hays noted that Dr. S. Day has suggested that in keeping with past practice the faculty senate issue a "state of the
faculty" document, and Chair Hays volunteered to draft the document.

Senator Blevens raised the question of whether there is a move to standardize across the university specific "components" of the faculty evaluation.


The minutes of 7 February were approved with corrections.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15.

Respectfully submitted, Audrey McKinney