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Feb 7, 2001 Minutes

Senators present: Blanda, Blevens, Brennan, Chair Hays, McKinney, Peeler, Renick, Sawey, Skerpan-Wheeler, Stimmel, Stone, Stutzman

Guests Present: Birdie Bagwell, Donna Bourke, Debbie Chandler, Don Fehlis, Laura Jesse, Mike Moore, Kolette Palacios, James Andrews, Matthew Oates

Chair Hays called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm.

I.    Staff Pay Equity

Bagwell and Fehlis reviewed Staff Council concerns about the way staff pay equity is currently determined at the university. Since the summer of 2000, the council has communicated in writing and orally with the President's Cabinet to clarify and resolve staff pay issues. Those issues are unresolved to date and are summarized as follows:

    (1)    the state university peer group, 12 selected smaller universities, may not be the appropriate benchmark(s)
             for determining staff pay equity at the university;

    (2)    this peer group may incorrectly infer that staff salaries are equitable and competitive;

    (3)    such a comparison affects 200 higher education related job titles while another 270 job titles are tested for pay
             equity using an area (Central Texas) market survey for competitiveness;

    (4)    the more appropriate state university peer group may be the ten largest universities based on student population,
             and this was the university's peer group as recently as 1994;

    (5)    Staff Council prefers the ten largest universities as a peer group and believes that more appropriate salary ranges
             can be established (average salaries of the peer group, minimum-average-maximum salaries for staff positions,

    (6)    surveys and analysis of current and preferred peer groups are in process along with recommendations for a staff
             salaries strategic plan to facilitate ongoing dialogue with the President's Cabinet.

The senate discussed the issues raised with interest, including recent university staff turnover rates of 13-14% compared to
17% for all state agencies and that the current cost of living for the San Marcos area is 107% of the national average. The
senate requested that Staff Council representatives return as soon as current analysis is complete; the strategic plan
recommendation has been formulated, and the Presidents' Cabinet has had an opportunity to respond. At that time, the
senate will determine how it can best support the pay equity concerns of the Staff Council.

II.   PAAG Agenda Items:

The senate requested the following items for discussion:
    1. Report on Recent Board Meeting.
    2. Legislative Update
    3. Organizational Level for Academic Honesty Review (VPAA v. Chair)
    4. Update on Computer Privacy
    5. Response to Facility Needs and Resources Report
    6. Developmental Leave Ranking by CAD/VPAA and Senate
    7. Progress on Division IA Football Status
    8. Availability of Results of Dean and Chair Evaluations

III.    Discussion of Draft PPS 2.16, Academic Programs: Distance Education and Off-campus Instruction

The senate concluded that the draft described a reasonable process. Concern was raised about the necessity for proposals
being routed twice through the VPAA's office prior to a final determination.

IV.    New Business

The following new business items were reported:

(1)    music groups are again performing all day on the Quad, disrupting classes and thus violating the law;

(2)    ASG is calling for a referendum on an Academic Honesty Code and faculty may be asked to facilitate student voting
         during class (early dismissal, in-class voting, etc.);

(3)    concerns have surfaced that one or more academic departments have not followed established criteria in evaluating
         faculty (annual performance, merit and promotions).

The minutes for January 31, 2001 were approved as corrected.

Chair Hays adjourned the meeting at 5:20 p.m.