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Dec 6, 2000 Minutes

Call to Order  4:07pm

Senators Present:  J. Hays (Chair),  M. Gillis,  E. Skerpan-Wheeler, R. Sawey,  W. Stone, O. Renick, M. Blanda, M. Reese, T. Stimmel, A. McKinney, M. Brennan, J. Stutzman, F. Blevens,  W.   Peeler

Guests:  Pres. J. Supple,   Asst. VPAA, P. Cassidy, D. Easter


1. SWT Move to Division 1A

President Supple reported that attendance at football games this fall was estimated to average 13,000-14,000  some 3,000 below the requirements for moving to 1A status.

He also reported that the NCAA Board of Directors has proposed to eliminate the designations 1A & 1AA and just have a Division 1.  In this case, our quest to move to 1A status would be moot as we are and would be a Division 1 school.  If this happens, association with a Conference, access to participation in money-making Bowl games, etc. would be the new issues.  A decision is expected in April.

2. Board of Regents Meeting 1/2 & 11/3

SWT agenda item regarding purchase of Oracle Management System passed.

Regents do not seem to be supportive of SWTís quest to become the "Flagship" university in our system.

The UT proposal for special funding status for itís campuses in San Antonio, El Paso, Arlington, and Dallas could harm our efforts to become a "Flagship" university.

Senate Meeting

1. Timeliness of SWT Chair & Faculty Searches

RTA   Oren Renick,  C. Fleuriet,  and P. Cassidy to discuss issue and formation of a Quality Management Team

2. Fazia Rizvi - SWT Webmaster

Ms. Rizvi provided an overview of what she has been doing since her appointment two years ago,  outlined her plans for the near future, and noted that she needs faculty input - what faculty want/need related to the SWT website.

3. Request  For Proposals Student Computing Resources

D. Easter, Committee Chair,  present the proposed RFP.

W. Stone moved that it be accepted.  O. Renick seconded.  Motion passed.

4. Minutes of 11/29 Meeting

Approved as corrected.

5. Meeting Adjourned at 6:05