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March 22, 2000 Minutes

Senators Present - J. Hays, E. Wheeler, A. McKinney, R. Sawey, M. Blanda, T. Stimmel,

J. Bible, M. Gillis, S. Gordon, W. Peeler, O. Renick, and J. McGee.

Senators Absent - M. Conroy and B. Stone.

Guests were: Dr. Pat Cassidy, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Mrs. Nancy Nusbaum, Asst. VPFSS for Planning, Chris Reynolds, Planning Analyst,
Ms. Cindy Waggoner, Academic Budget Specialist, VPAA Office and Mike Moore.

The meeting called to order at 4:02 PM.

I.   Mrs. Nusbaum presented many data concerning classroom utilization. SWT was No. 1
in the state in 1997 in terms of classroom use efficiency.  We slipped to No. 28 in
1998 due to the fact that some buildings undergoing renovation were  inadvertently counted
as empty classrooms.  This has been corrected and in 1999 we will be at a usage rate which
exceeds the rate required by the Coordinating Board. Mrs. Nusbaum shared some of the
problems the Facilities Subcommittee faces in recommending space assignments, renovation
resources and new construction.  The major conclusion was that if we experience enrollment
growth, SWT is facing a very tight supply of classroom space for the next 5-7 years.
Mrs. Nusbaum told the Senate that a list showing recommended priorities of funding will be
disseminated throughout the campus before faculty leave in May.  It will be very
important for all concerned to look carefully at these priorities!

II.  The Senate recommended that Dr. Vicki Bynum be appointed to replace Dr. Joseph
Yick on the Research Enhancement Committee.  Dr. Bynum is a Professor in the
History Department.

III. Dr. Cassidy and Ms. Waggoner presented a report of the Workload Policy
Committee.  The report indicated that there is a large amount of discretion
available for the Chair of a Department in assigning workloads.  SWT is
No. 3 in the State in terms of student credit hours per faculty member.  The sense
of the Senate in it's reaction to this report is that departmental personnel
committees need to be informed of and understand the workload policy.
Each department is supposed to have a written policy. Faculty should know what
their departmental policy is and how its being used.

New Business

The election to replace Dr. Jo Webber on the Grievance Committee is happening
soon. Chair Hays will be contacting candidates to ascertain their willingness to run.

The meeting of March 29 will be a joint meeting with CAD (Council of Academic
Deans) and will be held in Room 3-10.1 of the LBJ  Student Center, at the usual
4:00 p.m. time.

The Senate will be looking at the issue of replacing social security numbers
with another numerical ID.  If you have opinions about this contact your Senator.

The Senate is currently looking for a replacement for  Dr. Joanie Charles on the
Muriel Muir Mentoring Excellence Award Selection Committee.

The Minutes of the March 8 meeting were approved as amended.

The meeting was adjourned by Chair Hays at 5:55 PM