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Sept 22, 2004 Minutes

Members present: Chair Stone, Senators Sawey, Rao, Gillis, James, Shah, Homeyer, Hazlewood, Bell-Metereau, Warms, Brennan, McKinney , Sorensen, Montondon ( 4:30 ), Fleming Faculty Senate staff, Ms. Inglet

Guest:  University Star reporter, Chris Robinson


Chair Stone called the meeting to order, announcing that John Fleming will replace Bill Peeler.


Occupational Ed can appoint a liaison if they want one.  Senator Sorensen nominated Sally Hill-Jones to be on the Curriculum Committee from Health Professions.


The Fine Arts Committee:

Liz McDonald is events coordinator, and she raised a question about Bill Meek requesting to be withdrawn from the committee.  He suggested Ivanette Blanco, but this needs to be done by the senate.  We also need to name a co-chair.  The senate will hold discussion until Senator Conroy is present to advise.


Carl Igo had a seat on the retirement and academic computing, but he resigned. Tom Majares will take the position on retirement, but we have no one for academic computing from applied arts.


Honor Code:

A section was missing from the Honor Code email.  This section was reinstated, and it seems to satisfy the senate’s concerns.  Chair Stone said the information loop was not there, and perhaps was not worth holding it up for that.  James moved and Gillis seconded to accept the document, and it passed unanimously.  Senator Shah asked about the standing committee, its composition, and appointment procedures.  Senate will select chair and faculty members, but Academic Affairs will monitor the student members.  Appointments for faculty will be staggered.


Senator Sawey asked when the web change would occur.  The form is currently incorrect.  This will change once it is finally approved, along with a press release. 


Faculty Handbook:

There are several changes, including a new section on research.  This could be assembled in book form for the next committee. Senator Hazlewood said he had many questions about faculty governance, the number of vice presidents, etc.  The due process statement looks practically identical to the previous version.


Senator Shah said that questions would be answered through Dr. Bible.  This would indicate it has not been finished.  Chair Stone said that we retrieved the document in order to have input on the draft while it is still in process.

It will be turned over to the new committee for their consideration.  The last one was done in 1999.


Combined Senate Liaison Meeting:

Chair Stone has sent out a memo to get all liaisons to attend the next meeting.  He asked if we want to send memos to old liaisons in cases where we do not have a new liaison.  He asked for agenda items, and Senator James suggested the handbook as a possibility.


Senator Homeyer asked for the chair to re-send the handbook.


Salary Data:

The table is confusing, since the amount of increase does not appear in the final column.  If we sort by 9/1 merit, it will show a zero, as a result.  We can post this on the web, but the chair suggested sending it to a subcommittee for analysis.  The pattern for market adjustment is irregular, and it might be good to analyze that data.  The spreadsheet on p. 3 gives the codes.  Most people will have two merits (J) for the two cycles.  The last raise on 9/1 may not match the data for GH codes.  Z is market adjustment.  Departments distribute this money in vastly different ways, and the procedures vary dramatically.  Chair Stone said that the “star” professors were not supposed to be counted in the data, but it seemed as if they were included in some cases.

Senate supported the shallow slope concept, overall.  Allotments varied according to departments, but it wasn’t generally known.  There is probably no way to know department processes.


Chair Stone will send an email to the administration asking to get it corrected. The president’s salary should be in the list as well.  The total salaries seem to be right, but some of the changes do not seem to be accurate.


Senator Shah said we could take the data to create the annual salary.  We could also request information on how the allotment was made to individual departments.  Senator Hazlewood said their deans had the ranks and departments dictated, but also the deans were given a small discretionary portion to hold back for adjustments. 


UPPS 050701:

Change in taking off boot is now $40.  That is the only major change.  Chair Stone asked if there were any objections.  Senator Gillis moved to approve and Senator James seconded to accept the changes.


Release of Survey Data on Administrators:

Chair Stone gave a summary of chairs and deans to the University Star reporter, and Senator Shah will put this on the web, broken down by colleges and categories.  The chair will also send out an email with the link and summary.

Gillis and Warms moved and seconded to release this information, and the motion passed unanimously.  Chair Stone will remind Milt Nielson to have the senate website updated, as he promised.  Campus is planning on running a survey from UCLA of both full-time and part-time faculty, which will offer another arena for evaluation.  We will look at the link and then discuss it, to see if the senate would like to endorse it.


New Business:

Senator Hazlewood said that Math is being charged a dollar a day for alarm services, and this began three months ago.  Chair Stone said he had not seen this fee in the past.  No one else was aware of such a charge.  This is similar to other “charge-back” policies, such as the media services fees for using editing systems and studios.  Senator Hazlewood will explore the issue. 


Approval of minutes.


Adjourned at 5:20 .