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Sept 25, 2002 Minutes



Approved Senate Minutes

September 25, 2002

Present:  M. Blanda ­ chairing meeting,  J. Stutzman, M. Brennan, R. Bell-Metereau, T. Hindson, C. Frost, O. Renick , G. James, W. Stone, M. Gillis, W. Peeler, R. Sawey, M. Conroy

Absent:  M. Carns

Guests:  C. McCall, Committee on Committees;  J. Fischer, VP ASG; A. Smith, University Star

Call to Order & Review of Agenda:  4pm

Committee on Committees Final Report

Ms. McCall presented changes to committees necessitated by faculty retirements, resignations, and leaves.  Changes were accepted.

Ms. McCall requested advice on appointing faculty on modified retirement to committees.  Senate advised her that this was appropriate, except for Curriculum Committee.

Ms. McCall requested that Senators let her know  - via Terry ­ if academic ranks of any committee members listed on the roster were incorrect.

Senate decided to send letters of recognition to deans of committee chairs and members at the end of there terms.

Council of Academic Deans Report

Senator Blanda reported on the meetings of 9/2 and  9/10.  Topics and issues discussed at the two meetings included:

1. President Trauth approved the proposal for a doctorate in Aquatic Biology.
2. Faculty. must submit requests for foreign travel 45 days in advance, even if they are not applying for travel funds.
3. Requests for placing things on President Trauth's  calendar are to be routed from faculty to chair to dean to VPAA's Office.
4. Dr. Gratz wants to close about half of the CAD meetings to non-members so he can "take the deans to the woodshed" without embarrassing them in front of people who aren't deans ­ such as the representatives of the Faculty Senate and Council of Chairs who usually attend CAD meetings.

Senate Rules ­ Research Enhancement Program

Senator Blanda reported that REP policy on committee eligibility posted on the OSP site and information in the Faculty Handbook related to Faculty Senate Standing Rules are not the same.  This lead to discussion of hour the Faculty Handbook, last published in 1999, gets updated.   The Senate will look into correcting discrepancies.   RTA

Senate Rules ­ Elections

Senator Peeler reported that the Senate Constitution requires that the first ballot include the names of all eligible faculty ­ even those who run away screaming at the thought of serving on the Faculty Senate. Senators discussed problems with sending out three ballots at the end of semester, etc. This led to a discussion about the process of amending the constitution.  RTA.


Senator Stutzman reported on requirement that faculty attend two events from the three commencements and one freshman convocation each year.  This has not been the expectation in most Departments over the years, though it is in the Faculty Handbook  (DID I GET THIS RIGHT??)  Item will be placed on the 10/9 PAAG agenda.  Dr. K. Fite, Chair of the Handbook Committee, will be contacted regarding process of changing  the Handbook.

Doctoral Program Issues        RTA

Old Business

1.    Modified Honor Code:  Dr. S. Wayment,  Committee Chair, is meeting with ASC President and Senate Chair Renick regarding this on 10/4.  ASG fall
       referendum dates are 10/22 & 10.23.
2.    Sexual Orientation:  Senator Sawey shared an e-mail Mr. Bill Fly, University Attorney,  sent indicating that the president's cabinet approved adding "sexual
       orientation" to the list of bases upon which SWT will not discriminate.  Ms. G. Garcia is working on an amendment to UPPS 04.04.46 including this and some other changes.  Proposed revisions should be available for review in a few weeks.
3.    Check Cashing:  RTA
4.    Minutes of 9/18 approved as written.

New Business

C. Frost moved and W. Stone seconded a motion that will be discussed and voted upon on at the 10/2 meeting.   "The Faculty Senate hereby conveys to President Trauth the  following query:  Given your ninth objective - a commitment to an open administration defined as honest, ethical, and with no secrets - we hereby request a formal explanation regarding how the  proposed changes to CAD meetings, specifically, how the holding of "closed" meetings on a regular basis will further the objective of openness.

Executive Session :  6:00-6:15.

Meeting Adjourned:  6:18 pm