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April 25, 2001 Minutes


Senators Present: Hays, Brennan, Blevens, McKinney, Peeler, Skerpan-Wheeler, Renick, Sawey, Stimmel and Stone

Senators Absent: Gillis and Reese

Guests: John Baccus, Audwin Anderson, Susan Day, Cynthia Opheim, Lucy Bloor, Rumaldo Juarez, Robert Pankey, Karen Brown, David Henton, Roy Martin, Terence McCabe, Xingde Jia and Catherine Hawkins

The first hour involved a lengthy discussion with Vice President for Information Technology (VPIT) Carl Van Wyatt.  Dr. Wyatt primarily addressed two issues:

The first of these is the problem of distribution lists. The proposed e-mail distribution list policy has been called "repressively creative" by Senator Hays.  Dr. Wyatt agreed that this is a problem and pointed out that the present system is interim in nature. Senator Sawey expressed concern that while draft policies will be widely distributed for faculty comments, the system upon which services will be mounted is important.  Dr. Wyatt concurred that this will be important.

The second main topic discussed was that of structural changes within the VPIT Division.  Dr. Wyatt stressed that a major consideration in these changes is to better serve the instructional side of our house. The VPIT feels that a greater proportion of computing resources need to go to the rapidly expanding use of computers to enhance and extend instruction. The changes and the rationale for these changes are documented in a Briefing Note from Dr. Wyatt. This is available in the Senate Office and a similar document should be available in departmental offices. These are extensive and important changes and deserve extensive perusal.

Curriculum Committee Report on Non-Substantive Degree Plan Proposals

1. Changing the name of the Department of Social Work to the School of Social Work. Unanimously approved.
2. To add a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Music. Unanimously approved .
3. Master of Science With a Major in Wildlife Ecology. Unanimously approved
4. Master of Science with a Major in Applied Sociology. Unanimously approved.
5. Add an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy to the Athletic Training Program Major. Unanimously approved.
6. Change the General Science Requirement for the Bachelor of Arts by allowing Physical Anthropology as an elective. 5
    in favor, 4 opposed, 3 abstaining.
7. Add a Bachelor of Science With a Major in Applied Mathematics. Unanimously approved.
8. Add a Bachelor of Public Administration. Unanimously approved.

An Agenda for the May 2nd meeting with President Supple and Vice President Gratz was discussed. This is our monthly PAAG Meeting.

Liaison Lynn Ledbetter from the School of Music voiced concerns about  chairs following faculty governance policies in departmental decision making. There is apparently a perception that new chairs are not being properly "educated" about
the Faculty Handbook and policies concerning proper consultation with faculty in departmental governance. Senator Stimmel wondered if there should be an education session with new chairs about faculty governance.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:59 PM.