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April 19, 2000 Minutes



The meeting was called to order by Chair Hays at 4 pm.

Present:  M. Blanda, M. Conroy, M. Gillis, S. Gordon, J. Hays, A. McKinney,
O. Renick, R. Sawey, B. Stone, E. Skerpan-Wheeler, T. Stimmel.

Absent:  J. Bible, B. Peeler.

Guests:   P. Cohen, D. Dunn, L. Estaville, J. Gordon, M. Moore.

I.  Development Leave Presentations.  The Senate heard faculty development
leave presentations from Sandhya Rao, Jon McGee, Caneo J. Hwang, Roseann
Mandziuk, and Jo Webber.

Sandhya (Sandy) Rao: The developmental leave is requested for Spring 2001 in order
to analyze the data gathered from an extensive research on India's information  revolution
and to publish the results in the form of a book or conference  papers and articles in
refereed journals. I have received a grant from the Office of Research and Sponsored
Programs for $8000/- to conduct research on the diffusion patterns of television,
VCRs, telephones, cable, computers, and the Internet in India. A cross-sectional survey
will be conducted among a national random sample of 1000 people both urban and
rural. The study will be carried out in summer 2000.

Jon McGee: The Lacandon Maya are subsistence farmers who live in the tropical rain
forest of southeastern Chiapas Mexico.  I have studied Lacandon religion and agriculture
since 1980, but only recently discovered that some Lacandon elders still use traditional
healing practices involving therapeutic incantations and medicinal plants.  With the opening
of community clinics and new roads into the jungle young Lacandon seek medical care outside
of their communities.  Thus there is a real possibility that this traditional knowledge will
soon be lost.  I am requesting a development leave to study these traditional forms of therapy.
This work will be accomplished by recording and transcribing therapeutic incantations recited
by Lacandon elders, conducting field surveys for medicinal plants, and interviewing Lacandon
about the uses and preparation of these plants.

CJ Hwang: My development leave time will be used to perform research in business
to business (B2B) e-commerce subjects to better serve SWT and students. During this
development leave, I will engage in the following two activities: (1) Continue research
and publication in the area of (A) e-Commerce Security Technologies, and (B) Integration
Technologies of B2B EC with back-end relational databases. (2) Develop a new course
about Integration of E-Commerce and Database and build the "E-Commerce Research
Laboratory" for SWT students. The first task of research activities will enhance the
development of the course in the  second task. These two activities complement each other.

Roseann Mandziuk: The major project I will pursue in Spring 2001 is to make significant
progress toward writing a scholarly book on mass culture images of American women in
the 1920s.  This research builds upon related papers I have presented at professional
conferences and/or published.  The book project will entail critical/interpretative analysis
of primary documents including popular magazines and advertising to ascertain how
womenís roles, behaviors, and values were communicated through popular entertainment
forms.  I also hope to serve as a visiting scholar for a short period of time in conjunction
with the Discourse Analysis faculty at the University of Amsterdam.

Jo Webber: I propose to develop and publish three manuals pertaining to the education
of students with autism:  (1) a teacher manual, (2) a parent manual, and (3) a school
administrator manual.  These manuals will contain concise clear information regarding
the syndrome of autism  and best practices for treatment. The manuals will also provide
comprehensive resource information.  Some information will appear in all three manuals,
but each will contain unique features for each target audience.  This proposed project
(converting research to practice) is in response to the drastically increased numbers of public
school students with autism and the extreme difficulty involved with raising and educating
them.  The manuals will also be used in my SPED 5314 course each year.

II.  A report from the Committee on Committees was presented by the
committee chair, George Morgan.  The senate will discuss the recommendations
of the committee at a future session.

III.  A report from the Curriculum Committee was presented by Steve Gordon.
The following curriculum proposals, approved by the Curriculum Committee,
were presented for the Senate's review:

1) Graduate minor in Philosophy
2) Master of Arts with a major in International Studies
3) Master of Education with a major in Elementary Education-Educational
4) Master of Education with a major in Secondary Education-Educational
5) Master of Science with a major in Geography
6) Master of Arts in Teaching with a major in French and German (delete)
7) Master of Arts with a major in Literature (change in title from Master of
    Arts with a major in English).

After being reassured by the spokespersons for the involved programs that
the curricular changes required no new funds, Senator Sawey moved that the
Senate endorse the curriculum proposals;
Senator Gillis seconded the motion.   The motion passed by a vote of 10-0.

IV.  Old Business.

Senator Sawey presented the following motion for the Senate's

Motion:  The Senate recommends to Acting Vice-President Cassidy that P.P.S.
8.02, paragraph 4, which now reads:

"Faculty Senate members are not eligible for Development Leave during their
tenure on the Senate" be changed to read:

"Faculty Senate members are not eligible to apply for Development Leave
during their tenure on the Senate".

Senator Blanda seconded the motion.  The motion passed, by a vote of 5
(Bland, Gillis, Sawey, Stone, Renick), 4 (Gordon, McKinney, Skerpan-Wheeler,
Stimmel), 1 (Conroy).

V.  New Business.

Chair Hays, at the request of Steve Prentice, instructed the Senate to
suggest 6 faculty to serve on the Parking Ticket Appeals Committee.

Senator Sawey volunteered to replace Mona Ford (retiring) as a member of the
Ad Hoc Faculty Librarian Compensation Committee; Jon Bible was appointed as
the new chair of the committee.

Senator Stimmel volunteered to the be the Senate's representative to the
University Council Expanded By-Laws Committee.

The minutes of 12 April 2000 were approved with corrections.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:22 pm.