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April 30, 1997 Minutes

Present:  Bechtol, Bible, Bourgeois, Conroy, Deduck-Evans, Hays, Hunter,
Irvin, McGee, Oliver, Pascoe, Sawey, Simpson, Stimmel and Winek.

Absent: None

Guests: Jerry Supple, Bob Gratz, Mona Ford, David Caverly, Eric Weller,
Frank Horne, Margaret Vavarek (Library) and Mike Moore


- Drug Use Policy
- Faculty Workload Policy
- Faculty Awards Program
- Alkek Funds
- Copyright Rules
- Enrollment Update
- Legislative Testimony
- Raises
- Closing Remarks

- Minutes 4-23-97
- May Meeting (note change of time)


The Senate had understood that changes to the Regents Drug Use Policy
which it proposed last fall had been placed on and then removed from the
agenda for the forthcoming Regents meeting, and asked for clarification.
President Supple explained that he had included this subject on his list
of items to be considered for inclusion on the Regents' agenda, but that
the item never advanced beyond that point. In short, therefore, the
proposed changes were not removed from the agenda because they never
made it on to the agenda. President Supple said that Regents and the
System Attorney are comfortable with the policy as it stands.


The Senate inquired about House Bill 2780, which would impose minimum
faculty workload requirements. President Supple reported that for all
practical purposes, the bill is dead. Among the perceived problems with
this bill is the fact that it only addressed full, associate and assist-
ant professor ranks. A number of other potential problems were noted.


There will be one more meeting of President's Cabinet to discuss this
issue before awards (which will include this fiscal year) are announced.
There is about $326,000 for faculty awards and $174,000 for staff. The
awards will include Teaching, Scholarly and Other this year; in the next
cycle, the Service award will begin. The deans will decide on awards
for advancement of Strategic Plan initiatives. President Supple noted
awards are meant to promote full professional responsibility by allowing
faculty to share in departmental accomplishments and to contribute to
departmental goals. It would be valuable to the retention issue.

Dr. Supple observed that he would like to give the plan an adequate
"trial period" and has three years in mind; he recognizes that there may
be problems at first but hopes these can be ironed out. The policy
assumes a selection, not an an application process. Senators noted that
there is a perceived need for more clarity in the criteria by which
awards will be made.


Dr. Supple addressed the issue of the Alkek bequest to SWT of $200,000
per year, with an adjustment for inflation. As of this time no funds
have been dispersed from his foundation due to litigation. SWT is one of
8 or 9 institutions involved in the Alkek will.


Chair Bible asked SWT Attorney Bill Fly for clarification of who holds
the intellectual property rights to scholarly work produced by faculty
on Developmental Leave. Dr. Gratz explained that the Regent's Policy is
clear: SWT holds the rights to certain works specifically enumerated in
the policy. The royalties from these materials shall be shared on a
50-50 basis, but that arrangement could be terminated after the leave
costs were recouped. An exception would have to be obtained to alter
this policy.

The system claims no rights to works of the imagination, such as novels,
or music. On the other hand, there is a clause providing that SWT will
hold the rights if SWT contributed "significantly" to the total project
in terms of office space, leave time, administrative support, etc. A
project supported by a developmental leave would be in this category.

It was agreed that the copyright policy should be policed better, that
an effort should be made to better inform leave applicants of existing
rules, and that applicants should negotiate with Dr. Gratz before having
a developmental leave granted. Dr. Gratz intends to pursue this matter


President Supple gave the Senate the following update on enrollment:
-Eligible applicants -- up 7%
-Freshman applicants -- up 4.5%
-Transfer applicants -- up 18%
-Increase of new students -- 5-8%
-There is a large percentage of incomplete applications
-Retention is an important issue
-UT and A&M are down 8-9% in applications
-NT applications are up
-UTSA applications are down after having been the fastest growing
school in Texas


Professor Hunter asked about official guidelines regarding time away
from campus to testify at Legislative hearings. There are currently no
official guidelines but President Supple did explain that a state
employee can use official time only to "provide information." If an
employee wanted to speak for or against an issue they would be required
to use personal time to do so. It was decided that a policy should be
developed to deal with this issue.


There is no word from the legislature about any raises. There is some
potential legislation which would exclude universities from any raises
for other state employees which might occur this year. There is also
some word that any institution which used other money to fund employee
raises would be penalized.


Dr. Supple commented that SWT has had a good year in comparison to last
year when we had to deal with the state auditors and a lot of negative
press. We also told the Senators how much he appreciated their work on
behalf of their colleagues.



The minutes from the 4-23-97 meeting were approved as read.


The May meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 7th from 2:00 - 4:00 pm
in the Senate Conference room located in Room 880 of JCK. Please note
change of meeting time. The May meeting will include scheduling of the
summer senate meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20. Following the meeting there was a social
hour hosted by President Supple.

Shirley Pilus
Administrative Assistant