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Faculty Senate Chairs

photo of Barbara Melzer

Dr. Barbara A. Melzer (1950 – 2013), 54th Faculty Senate chair, good friend and valued colleague.  During her many years of teaching, scholarship and service at Texas State University, Barbara gained the respect and affection of colleagues and students alike through her consummate professionalism, her encouraging presence, her sense of humor, and her caring thoughtfulness.

The Faculty Senate is grateful for having had the privilege of working closely with Barbara and knows that the entire university benefited greatly from Barbara’s enormous grace, generosity, and unfailing dedication to service.

63rd 2021-2022 Lynn Ledbetter Music
62nd 2020-2021 Janet Bezner Physical Therapy
61st 2019-2020 Janet Bezner Physical Therapy
60th 2018-2019 Alex White Mathematics
59th 2017-2018 Alex White Mathematics
58th 2016-2017 Michel Conroy Art & Design
57th 2015-2016 Michel Conroy Art & Design
56th 2014-2015 Michel Conroy Art & Design
55th 2013-2014 Michel Conroy Art & Design
54th Spring 2013 Michel Conroy Art & Design
54th Fall 2012 Barbara Melzer* Physical Therapy
53rd 2011-2012 Debra Feakes Chemistry & Biochemistry
52nd 2010-2011 Debra Feakes Chemistry & Biochemistry
51st 2009-2010 Debra Feakes Chemistry & Biochemistry
50th 2008-2009 Debra Feakes Chemistry & Biochemistry
49th 2007-2008 William Stone Criminal Justice
48th 2006-2007 William Stone Criminal Justice
47th 2005-2006 William Stone Criminal Justice
46th 2004-2005 William Stone Criminal Justice
45th 2003-2004 William Stone Criminal Justice
44th 2002-2003 Oren Renick Health Admin
43rd 2001-2002 Oren Renick Health Admin
42nd 2000-2001 Joan Hays HPER
41st 1999-2000 Joan Hays HPER
40th 1998-1999 Jon Bible Finance & Economics
39th 1997-1998 Jon Bible Finance & Economics
38th 1996-1997 Jon Bible Finance & Economics
37th 1995-1996 Everette Swinney* History
36th 1994-1995 Everette Swinney* History
35th 1993-1994 Everette Swinney* History
34th 1992-1993 Susan Day Sociology
32nd 1991-1992 Henrietta Avent* HPER
31st 1990-1991 Henrietta Avent* HPER
31st 1989-1990 Everette Swinney* History
30th 1988-1989 Everette Swinney* History
29th 1987-1988 Everette Swinney* History
28th 1986-1987 Everette Swinney* History
27th 1985-1986 Henrietta Avent* HPER
26th 1984-1985 Erik Neilsen Art & Design
25th 1983-1984 Henrietta Avent* HPER
24th 1982-1983 Reeves Perry Chemistry
23rd 1981-1982 Henry McEwen Mathematics
22nd 1980-1981 Lowell Bynum Curriculum & Instruction
21st 1979-1980 Don Hazlewood Mathematics
20th 1978-1979 Betty Kissler* History
19th 1977-1978 Milton Smith Education
18th 1976-1977 Milton Smith Education
17th 1975-1976 James Pohl History
16th 1974-1975 Billy Yager Chemistry
15th 1973-1974 Henry McEwen Mathematics
14th 1972-1973 William Deck Industrial Arts/Education
13th 1971-1972 Tollie Buie* Agriculture
12th 1970-1971 Henry McEwen Mathematics
11th 1969-1970 Henrietta Avent* HPER
10th 1968-1969 Burrell Helton* Mathematics
9th 1967-1968 Henrietta Avent* HPER
8th 1966-1967 Everette Swinney* History
7th 1965-1966 Hugh Meredith Modern Languages
6th 1964-1965 Robert Walts* English
5th 1963-1964 Buford Williams* Education
4th 1962-1963 Archie Parks* Chemistry
3rd 1961-1962 William E. Norris* Biology
2nd 1960-1961 Emmie Craddock* History
1st 1958-1959 Elton Abernathy* Education
Faculty Council 1958-1959 Ralph Houston* English