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Random thoughts…

I've shared with you some of my favorite dashboard knickknacks and yesterday I found that motorbike drivers also have their version.  Also, many motorbike drivers (especially delivery drivers and Grab drivers) have a phone holder mounted on their handlebars that have a small 6"-ish umbrella to shade the phone screen. 

picture motorbike handlebars with a small pink pig sitting on the right side of handlebars.

       Speaking of dashboard knickknacks…sometimes you double up in hopes of having good luck and fortune.

a statue of a Buddah sitting sitting in front of a larger Buddah


If you have the money, you buy the equivalent of a car's baby seat (color matching is optional). If you don't have the money you wrap a cloth around you infant and have them cling to your back. 

lady wearing yellow helmet on a motorbike. A yellow child holder is strapped to her back.
mother and child on motorbike. The toddle behind the mother is holding on to the mom and is tied to the mother with a towel

Toddlers can also stand in front of you like in the next two pictures (the woman in the first picture is driving an older model electric motorbike).

lady sitting on an electric moterbike wearing a black helmet. There is a toddler standing in front of her wearing a tan hat. Both are wearing masks.
Toddler standing on the floorboard in front of the mother driving the motorbike. the child is holding on to the handle bars.



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