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Global warming

So…they say that global warming has been impacting Việt Nam's weather for the past five years or so. Yesterday, Australia moved La Niña to a "watch" classification reflecting an increased chance the major climate driver will pound this part of the world. Stated differently, according to news sources in Australia, there is now a 50% chance a La Niña will develop and cause a wetter-than-normal winter “down under”. 

Here in the north of Việt Nam La Niña's affect is less clear. That said, according to news sources, the last time La Niña hit Việt Nam (summer of 2008) it resulted in much cooler temperatures in summer and Hà Nội saw the heaviest downpours in 40 years in late October - Yowser! Luckily for me, if it hits, by October I'll be back in the US.

Given La Niña has not yet developed, nor hit Hà Nội, I'll focus on the present. It has been hot and humid with rain the past month; and right now, as I type this paragraph at my favorite coffee shop, it is pouring cats and dogs!  So keeping with that theme (and one pigeon), here are some pictures for you… 

I think in this first picture the miniature Doberman Pincer should mind it's Ps & Qs with this “con mèo”.

picture of brown tabby cat on left and black minature doberman on right

                                                                               “Toy Lassie come home!”

miniture collie

Notice how the owner of this “con chó” (dog) in the photo below has shaved it to the skin. It's my understanding that Chows (like this black one) have a double coat of fur, the inner one which is designed to insulate the dog and keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. From what I've read, this dog will actually be hotter than if the owner had not shaved it. In addition, now its skin will get sunburned and the risk of sun cancer will go up. I'm left wondering what the owner would do if they knew this information about Chows? 

picture of shaved black chow on right starting to walk to the left and will end up behind potted plants and post

                                           Can you see the brown and white pigeon in this rooftop flower garden?

picture of hanging plants with a brown and white pigeon sitting on the roof

                                                                                              Nuff said, it rains here.

people walking in rainstorm



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