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Three men sitting on paving stone walk. Two are playing a board game and the third man is watching them play.en watching board game in park


This is a popular board game played in the parks of Hanoi called “cờ tướng” (general’s chess). It is also known by its Chinese name of “xiangqi”. The game is similar to western chess; but, debatably more complex, with thousands of possible moves. Like western chess, cờ tướng is played one-on-one, with players seated on opposite sides of the game board. In cờ tướng, one set of pieces has red Chinese symbols, and the other set has black Chinese symbols. Like all board games, there are rules and procedures for determining who plays the first move, how pieces move across the board, and how players move to capture or neutralize their opponents pieces. In the park where I walk, there are always games being played there every day. Looks complicated to me?




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