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From time to time, I’ve been known to be a bit of a slow study. 

To preface today’s entry, let me say that I’ve always been a “fast walker”. I suppose partly a result of being shorter than most of my friends growing up, and perhaps partly as a result of having been a runner for more than 20 years. Who knows? At any rate, I walk fast. 

Today it dawned on me…if I were to walk more slowly, I would overheat at a much reduced rate. Not exactly rocket science is it? muscles in motion result in increased body temperature and enhanced thermoregulatory demands (The cardiovascular challenge of exercising in the heat. González-Alonso  et al., 2008). 

Now, one would think walking slow would be an easy thing to do. Right? Here’s a challenge for you. 

  • Try to walk slower than your usual pace for an extended period of time, or if you prefer, 
  • Take a bite of your favorite food and try to chew half as fast as you normally do until you swallow

Seriously, you should try doing both. 

Muscle memory is amazing, and difficult to overcome…just ask anyone who is trying to improve the way they fling a bowling ball down the lane, shoot a basketball with greater accuracy, or walk to the market without becoming dehydrated. 

I notice the majority of Vietnamese walking at my local park, walk slowly. Like I said, sometimes I’m a slow study.




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