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This Week's Agenda

Faculty Senate Meeting Detailed Agenda
July17, 2024
3:00-5:00 PM
JCK 880

Zoom: Follow this link
If the link does not work, please log into: Zoom from the DoIT webpage         
Meeting ID: 812 6545 4177 Password: Swinney


3:00 PM         Introduction - Gary Sayed
3:10 pm         Changes to Start Dates for New Hires
                        The University will be implementing the new set of academic appointments dates in two phases: 
                  1.         Effective Fall 2024, Texas State University has mandated an August 16, hire date for all NEW and REHIRED FTE (Full Time Equivalent) faculty assigned as Instructor of record, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants. 
                  2.         Effective Fall 2025, ALL faculty assigned as instructor of record, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants will begin on August 16 rather than September 1.  
3:30 PM        Changes to Microsoft 365 licensing changes for retirees - Ben Rogers, AVP &  Chief Technology Officer
4:00 PM        Review of Faculty Senate Committee Charges
4:25 PM         Approve June 12, 2024 Minutes
4:30 PM          Executive Session

5:00 PM          Adjourn        
Next Faculty Senate Meeting:  August 28, 2024 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm (JCK 880/Zoom)