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Today's topic is: “What it is like to cross a street as a pedestrian”

Roughly twice a week, I have to walk across a street somewhere in the city. Now, I could try and describe the process, but in this case, a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words…or in this case, 30 pictures…  

I invite you to click on the first picture in the top row below, and when it opens, you will see some tool icons in the upper right that will let you zoom-in or expand to full screen. You will also see an arrow on the right that will let you scroll through the pictures in order.  

Once you open the first picture, note that in the very center of the picture is a gentleman on a red motorbike, wearing a white/cream-colored shirt, and a dark purple helmet. Directly above his helmet, on the far side of the street is a large red and black patio umbrella. Standing directly under that umbrella (actually in front it), wearing a dark purple t-shirt, is yours truly. Watch that spot as you click through the pictures and you see my adventure. 

As you scroll through the pictures, I think you will get a sense of the density of traffic, how long it takes for me to find an opportunity to begin to cross, and the delicate dance I must engage in as I shuffle across the street. 





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