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Why Vietnam?

You mean BESIDE the fact that Vietnam is a beautiful country filled with friendly people? Well...I have three interrelated reasons for choosing Vietnam and here they are:


Spending 10 months immersed in Vietnamese language and culture provides me invaluable firsthand experience learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture, and surviving in an environment oriented to a dominant culture other than my own...

How cool is that?


All throughout my professional career, by moving from the classroom setting as a teacher to the building and district level as a school psychologist, and finally to the university level as a trainer of school psychologists I have striven to help as many children as possible become more successful. Assisting faculty members in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Social Science and Humanities -Vietnam National University, (USSH-VNU) develop a master’s degree training program in school psychology provides a very unique opportunity for me to contribute to helping children at the international level!...

How amazing is that?


Over the span of my career as a school psychologist/university professor, whether through research or practice, I have worked to share my knowledge about the biomechanics and consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The main mode of transportation in Vietnam is motorized two- and three-wheelers, which results in a significantly high number of TBIs every year. USSH-VNU has asked that I give lectures and workshops on the biomechanics and consequences of TBI to students, faculty, and community members...

How awesome is that?